Weekly…I Mean Monthly Goals


Back to check in on my weekly goals. This will conclude my series of weekly goals, but I’m going to keep up with a monthly goals post.  (Addie was very relieved at this announcement because she found my goals posts “soooooo boring.” I apologize to all my readers who felt the same way.) In general […]


Weekly Goals: Progress! And Re-Focusing My Efforts.


I know that caring for four children, including one with special needs, would overwhelm most people, but to me, it was a vacation. This productive week and resurgence of positive energy brought to you by MDA camps. You can read all about Fulton’s awesome week here, and now onto how I spent my time (note: […]


Weekly Goals: Staying Motivated


Checking in once again with my weekly goals. Post on the blog three times a week. I anticipated this not happening and so I tried not to feel too guilty about it. However, although I enjoy keeping track of my goals online and running Quick Takes, I hate for this space to only feature those […]


Weekly Goals, the Slump


So how’d I do only the second week in? Meh. Goals in bold with notes following. Post on the blog three times a week. Did it. Though, in meeting my goal this week I wondered if I sacrificed quality for quantity. It’s the age old bloggers question, do you post just to post or only […]


Weekly Goals You Helped Me Keep


I know you’ve all been waiting to know how I stuck to my weekly goals from last week. At least, I’ve imagined you waiting anxiously in order to motivate myself to complete the tasks on my list. And you know what? It actually worked. Surprisingly well. Last weeks goals in bold, followed by updates. Post […]


Why You Need to Know My Weekly Goals


I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed with habits and their formation, but…. my husband would probably dispute that. Case in point; this book I can’t shut up about! I forget where I first heard about it but, seeing as it’s about habits, and I’m all about constantly tweaking/ reworking / ruining my life I knew I […]