Taking Addie to Cleveland

Enjoy some pictures from our trip taking Addie to Cleveland State University. I’ll be updating through the rest of today. We’ll drop her off at her dorm Saturday morning and then head home.

We left early. Usually Addie and Edie aren’t even out of bed at this point.
The girls didn’t want to make sandwiches. They wanted me to provide them with a rotisserie chicken for lunch. Whatever.
I didn’t realize there was a Hofbräuhaus outside Munich. But there’s one in Cleveland which I took as a sign that God was smiling on Addie’s choice of college. We ate there for dinner to celebrate… and to make Tony jealous.
We spent today (Friday) walking around the campus, then buying ALL THE SUPPLIES Addie will need. My credit card company actually called because they were like, “Are you really in Ohio buying all this stuff??”. And I was like, yeah, I’m dropping my daughter at college and they were like, “Oh yeah, we understand. You’ll have no more problems. ”
Did you know the house featured in the movie ‘A Christmas Story’ is in Cleveland?? It’s in a residential neighborhood with tons of narrow, one way streets, that were all parked up with cars. We settled for just a drive buy, rather than taking the tour or stopping in the gift shop. You can also actually stay there…if you’re willing to spend $300+ a night.
Drop off time; bright and early Saturday morning. Sorry- no actual pictures of her dorm. But look at this huge cart of stuff we had to buy!!
Hug like you mean it!!!
From my Instagram: The first time I felt sadness, or really anything other than excitement, was last night as I tried to fall asleep. I was thinking how glad I would be to get home to my own bed, before realizing that meant Addie would not be “home” with the rest of us. I felt anxious most of the night and morning, but in the flurry of drop-off the feelings of excitement kicked in again. This is a wonderful and great thing; I’m happy to be at the point in my life where my kids are going off to college and becoming more independent. But I sometimes wish I could just have it both ways- them always with me in my home, but yet also fully on their own and thriving in the world. I hope I get my feelings figured out before any more of them graduate.

Edie and I arrived back in New Jersey Saturday evening. Addie has already texted me about all the swag she’s picking up at the “Welcome Week” events. Tony is excited about the leftover schnitzel I brought him from the Hofbräuhaus. Byron, Fulton, and Teddy were happy to see me for a minute, but then they wanted me to turn back on Mortal Kombat (the original). Everything is as it should be I suppose.

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  2. There’s a Hofbrauhaus in Cincinnati too, for awhile it was the only one outside Munich. Then they opened one in Pittsburgh where I live about 12 years ago. I didn’t know about the one in Cleveland. Perhaps there’s more now?

  3. Welcome to Cleveland! I’m jealous, too, as I’ve lived here all my life and have never made it to the Hofbräuhaus.

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