Seven Quick Takes That Meet You Where You Are

Quite a few homeschooling blogs tend to offer motivational advice; helpful quips to inspire you to aim high and achieve more. If you are feeling lazy and need a pick me up, I suggest you head somewhere else.  Like HERE, HERE and HERE. Instead, I present you with my demotivational advice. You’re going to feel really good about where you are and there’s no pressure to do better. And after a long week, don’t we all need to feel good about what we’ve actually accomplished, not worry about what didn’t get done?

1. Take every extra minute you need  in the morning to lay in bed and plan out breakfast/say quiet prayers/figure out how to get to the bathroom and shower without the rest of the family discovering you fell asleep in your clothes again.

2. Who comes to the door before noon? No one important that’s who. Just stay in your robe. But if you decide to get dressed…

2 1/2. No one’s going to notice that stain right in the middle of your shirt. And besides, what are the chances you’ll have to run out to get milk/take a child to the ER/meet the UPS man/converse with a freshly showered mom in clean clothes?

3. Ponytails make you look young, sexy and like you’ve only had one child, tops. You rock in that hot pink Hello Kitty scrunchy!

4. A daily schedule and routine? It’s all going to fall apart eventually so why waste your time setting one up. Now I’ve saved you time and future guilt. Go celebrate with some Facebook!

5. Don’t bother ordering the answer key. You took college level math. You can teach elementary math no problem. And your husband understands math.  He can take over teaching if need be. He was just saying he wanted to spend more time with the kids anyway.

6. Pre-planning dinner takes all the fun and excitement out of meals. Wait until 4:45 to decide so that supper prep takes on an air of Iron Chef.

7.  Don’t worry about the dishes tonight. After a hot cup of coffee tomorrow morning, you’ll definitely have the energy to tackle them.

It’s been a long week for me, but I’m feeling better already. In fact, I’d better take it easy and get out my box of wine. I don’t want to overdo it. And as always, be sure to read everyone else’s contributions to Seven Quick Takes, hosted at Conversion Diary. I mean, try to. I know I will, but everyone understands if the demands on your time are too numerous to allow a complete review of the links.



  1. I think we’re very much on the same wavelength, not-a=homeschooling-role-model-wise, and I refuse to disclose how many of these takes describe me RIGHT NOW for fear that it may incriminate me. But let’s just say it’s a majority of them.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog a couple of weeks ago! I just signed up to follow you, and can’t wait to start reading what looks like loads of great content. :^)

  3. Thanks ladies. I think we should all get together over a box of wine and discuss this….but that would involve I lot more planning than I’ve got time for. We’ll see how next week shapes up. 😉

  4. I just found you today. I am lol’ing about your “box of wine” comments 🙂 You’re funny! I am trying to be “authentic” in my blog too, but darnit! I’m kind of one of those chicks that gets reeled in by organization and systems. So, I can’t help but occasionally brag about them on my blog 🙂
    Enjoy blogging! I’ll check in from time~to~time!

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