The Bacon Bar Is Open

I apologize in advance if reading this post makes you want to booze up in the A.M. I recommend waiting until at least 3 p.m. before busting out the cocktail shaker and taking these beverages for a test drive. No matter how “breakfasty” they may seem, at 70 proof, Mama Walker’s Maple Bacon liquor will blow the lid off your average Irish coffee.

Now that I’ve done the responsible disclaimer thing, let’s get to the good stuff! First, Mama Walker’s has a great website for recipes. You can also read about their other liquors which come in Blueberry Pancake and Glazed Donut.  In their words, “Crafted with homestyle, made-from-scratch goodness, Mama Walker’s liqueurs are perfect for delectable drinks day and night. Because breakfast isn’t just for breakfast anymore.” Apparently they’re not big on disclaimers, i.e. “Go nuts SAHMs!”

Mama Walker’s also describes their Maple Bacon as, “First to the nose is a somewhat woodsy and faintly burnt smokiness, followed by a textured body that’s slightly crispy and smoky. The finish pairs savory flavor with understated maple sweetness.” I think that’s about right. If you like a high quality Applewood smoked bacon, you’d probably enjoy Maple Bacon. Straight up, it’s very smooth, especially for a 70 proof, and not overly sweet, so don’t let the ‘maple’ in the name throw you.

There are fourteen recipes on the website, but I picked four to imitate, some very loosely given my supplies at home, plus I added a shot to a bottle of beer. (Because, maybe you don’t want to share your Maple Bacon and slipping it in a frosty mug with your favorite brew during the game is just enough Cloak and Dagger for you.)


Mama said What?!

1 part Maple Bacon
1 part Jameson
Add to cocktail shaker with ice, shake, then strain into chilled glass.

I didn’t have Jameson on hand, and I’m pretty sure Tony would flip out if I used his expensive fourteen year aged Balvenie, so I did equal parts Maple Bacon and Dewar’s White Label (which I normally despise. Rot gut as my father-in-law puts it.)  Surprisingly, this was really good, the smoothness and ever so slight sweetness completely counteracted the rough finish on the Dewar’s and brought out both good qualities in the Maple Bacon and the whiskey. Tony and I were both happy to put the Dewar’s to good use rather than use it to clean the kitchen drain.

Mama Say Mama Sa-Ma-Ma-Ma-Su-Ka

1 part Maple Bacon
1 scoop vanilla ice cream
1 tsp chocolate syrup
Add contents to blender, blend, then pour into chilled glass.

I only had chocolate marshmallow ice cream. I was really excited about a chocolate bacon milkshake but this one really disappointed. Besides the chunks of marshmallow floating in my drink (mea culpa), it was too sweet. Even with an added dose of Maple Bacon, the sweetness of the ice cream was too overpowering. I suppose if you really hate the taste of alcohol, enjoy “candy drinks” and are just trying to force some booze down for the sake of your sanity, you might like this but my husband and I were almost inconsolable at the loss of perfectly good ice cream.


Mama’s Barbados Holiday

1 part MW Maple Bacon
1 part Malibu Rum
3 parts pineapple Juice
Splash of grenadine
Splash of orange juice
Add to cocktail shaker with ice, shake, then strain into chilled glass.

I had Maple Bacon and rum. I improvised on the rest by adding a shot of triple sec. And WOW this is something I could drink for breakfast. All the flavor of a plate of bacon with a side  of orange juice plus a buzz. Very crisp and light.

Mama’s Maple Bacon Choco-martini

1 part MW Maple Bacon
1 part Kahlua
1 part creme de cacao
1 part Irish Cream Liqueur
Add to cocktail shaker with ice, shake, then strain into chilled glass.

I substituted two parts Irish Cream for my lack of Kahlua. Again, I was really excited to try a chocolate inspired drink but the Irish Cream was too overpowering. I added more Maple Bacon with no luck. I love chocolate covered bacon as much as the next person (maybe more),  but Maple Bacon liquor doesn’t seem to hold up well in a caco-inspired cocktail.


Bacon in Yo Brew (that’s my creative name; COPYRIGHTED)

1 shot Maple Bacon
1 bottle of yo’ favorite brew

I added a shot of Maple Bacon to a frosty mug and poured in a Yuengling. Since I couldn’t savor it myself (curse you gluten intolerance!) my husband was a willing guinea pig (or lab rat?). His only suggestion was make sure to use a mug in which you can pour an entire bottle. Ours was a bit small and at first the Maple Bacon flavor was too strong, however when distributed amongst the contents of a whole bottle the taste was the full body of the beer with a smooth, smokey finish. I did try a sip and really enjoyed it.

This was my first attempt at making cocktails of any sort, so while I made a mess of the kitchen, it was really fun. I foresee some sort of pork inspired cocktail party in the future. I’m not an expect at food pairings but I was snacking on kale chips while I tried my drinks so, keep that in mind if you need something to serve with your stinky cheese. I’m also already thinking of all the other drinks I could slip some Mama’s Walkers into; hard cider, gin, my coffee, etc. Thankfully, it’s a large bottle.


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