The Future Of Instagram

The interweb is abuzz with Instagram’s new terms of service. Seems those naked pictures of your baby in the tub can now be sold to Johnson & Johnson by Instagram with no compensation to you.

The backlash is pretty loud, so I’ll be curious to see whether or not Instagram revises their new terms before they’re due to take effect on January 16. If so, I’ll be rocking a new Flickr button on the sidebar. At least, that’s what I’m considering. The thought of one of my photos being featured in an ad campaign is pretty enticing, whether I receive compensation or not.

The possibilities are endless!

I love you Old Navy! Avoid the Instagram middle man and call me! I will work for turkey legs!


Proof of my versatility. Jewelry or denim jumpers, your choice. Real Housewives of NJ, call me. Let’s do lunch.


Obviously, I either have a future as an advertising executive or Barbizon Modeling School drop out.

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    1. It is an ap ripe with awesome. Drop any text over your photos and unless you’re cheap like me, spend a buck and lose the watermark at the bottom. It’s a great way to waste an afternoon!

  1. I would totally use your pictures in any ad campaigns under my control. Unfortunately, I’m just a lowly wife/mom/teacher. Anyhoo, the funny thing I noticed upon visiting the page tonight was that the link for the previous entry “Craigslist Christmas” has an arrow pointing to, an Islamic matchmaking service. It just had to be fate, right? You have to love those randomly generated ads!!! 🙂

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