Theme Thursday: Self Portrait

Linking up with Cari for my first Theme Thursday. I sort of have a thing for selfies so this seemed like a good time to jump on board. But seeing as my mood is currently not all “sheenazing” I went a little more high school photo class project with it. There’s lots of deep and meaningful symbolism here if you look for it.

Canon Rebel ISO 400 f4 1/50 Late day sun for the win!

Thanks for all the nice words of support after last night’s “I’m going to regret posting this in the morning” rant. With all that needs to get done in a day around here, sometimes I feel really guilty about blogging. But then I think about how I’d be feeling right now if I hadn’t vented and then ultimately gotten such meaningful comments and prayers. Perhaps it’s one small step out of the valley.

Be sure to swing back to Cari’s for the betters.

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  1. The sun makes your skin glow! Or maybe that is just you.

    So glad you jumped on board. I always love your photos and I totally thought of you when I saw this week’s theme

  2. You are doing the hardest job known to mankind/womankind. Truly you are. I’m on the downside version and can see in hindsight what a difference we’ve made in our children’s lives. We can’t see the forest for the trees literally. Keep hanging in there and doing what you are doing day in and day out. It is really making a difference between life and death for your children. I know. Mine are in their twenties and sixteen, the youngest. It IS worth it. I feel where you are. It isn’t the easy road, but the road less traveled and in the end, it made all the difference. Saying a prayer for you right now,
    Your sister in arms,

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