This Post is Whole30 Approved

Lent is off to a great start. (And by great, I mean great for Lent.)

I know I said I wouldn’t bore you with talk of my Whole30, and for the most part I’m keeping all relevant discussion to my Facebook group, but I thought I would post an update on what it’s been like, thus far, to complete a Whole30 on the off-chance you were considering doing one at some point in the future (or needed reassurance to never attempt one under any circumstances.)

A typical day:

I’ve been sleeping like a rock, so much so that I immediately fall back into a deep slumber after turning off the alarm.

Okay, no really, THIS time I’m getting up….for reals…..ZZZZZZZzzz.


Nothing like a cup of black coffee! And for breakfast, eggs! Again!

No decision fatigue here!

The kids are supportive of my decision to get healthy and are open to trying new foods themselves…someday in the distant future.

My daughters are deriving no pleasure from that block of cheese or slice of pizza.


Do you want to know about the effects of all the added fiber in my diet?

Okay, moving on…

With my new-found mental clarity, I easily multi-task while constantly thinking about all the food I can’t have. Errands, housework, checking schoolwork; my life is progressing as usual with only minor hiccups as I adjust to this new, healthy way of eating.


Time to make dinner without my customary glass of wine. It’s okay though because I know I’m making choices to better my health!


My husband is completing the Whole30 too, so together we provide each other with accountability and support. (Tony wouldn’t let me take a picture cause he’s grumpy.)

cute couple
Artist’s rendering of how we’re doing.

By the end of the day, the kitchen is a disaster from cooking everything from scratch, but with all my new energy, I’m tackling chores like a boss.

I’m starting a new Lenten tradition; eating on paper towels with our fingers! Yay!


But in all honesty, I think the first week is the hardest. It can only get better right? And I keeping telling myself that this restricted diet is still better than the regular diet of many people around the world. I’m trying to not “disfigure my face” (except for that artists rendering), but go about my day as usual, just with a heaping helping of cashews and almonds.

How is your Lent shaping up? If you’re still in need of some spiritual reading may I suggest,

No wait, sorry, I meant:

Alright, I’d better get back to my three-hour meal planning / grocery list session. Plus, I need to swing over to the butcher to donate a pint of blood and my right arm so we can afford some pasture raised beef next week. If you’ve got a favorite Whole30 recipe, share it in the comments and I’ll read it while thinking about pizza!

Today’s post is dedicated to all the ladies in the TATL Whole30 Lenten Discipline Group; you are the wind beneath my wings. 


    1. I was just about to post that recipe. It’s amazing. Good luck on the Whole 30! I’m in the final weeks of pregnancy, so my Lent is, well, feeling very Lent-y.

  1. We did paleo for Lent 5 years ago. I was at an icon workshop at a convent that doesn’t have a real kitchen. One Friday I ended up at Fresh Market and when I realized that I could eat none of the prepared food I ended up with a can of tuna and some raw vegetables. Happy Lent!

  2. Please keep updating us here because I don’t have Facebook….and I really want to know how it goes for you!! You are amazing! I love how you care for your children, too, and how you keep some humor in your days!!

  3. You’re so hilarious, as always 🙂

    I have so, so many thoughts on the Whole30 – seeing as I followed the protocol for almost a year. It was hell at first, it got better…then I started singing its praises to everyone I met. Then I hit a plateau. The stress started climbing over our budget being drained, different meals having to be made, feeling that I was listening to a whole bunch of information but not learning anything substantial about my body like I was told I would.

    Ah, you didn’t ask me my opinion on this…did you? I’m sorry!

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that I think something like this is a great penitential thing for Lent. I admire so many of the people I know that are going for it these 40 days – my husband included. It’s a beautiful way to restart your system and your way of living – I will always love it for that. But ultimately, I wish we wouldn’t have to go through things like this…all of us. Life is stressful enough the way it is – don’t you think? Giving up entire food groups takes a lot of out of you and unless it’s medically necessary, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

    I have a teeny, tiny little backlash of food-related PTSD, can you tell? No one ever said I was dramatic…

    I would never want to discourage, because seriously I wish you the best of luck! Who knows, maybe I will have another doctor (they just keep coming!) tell me I need to be back on it…and perhaps at that point I’ll get the energy to try again. Right now I’m burnt out and need a piece of that chocolate cake 🙂

    God bless you, lady! I admire you!

  4. Kelly you are hilarious!! My husband and I are on week two of this damn diet, and he is seriously trying to kill me by always being hungry and asking every 5 seconds, “Can I have this?” It may be good for our health but not do good for our chemistry! This is round 5 for me, so trust me when I say it does get better…and it’s very rewarding in the end!

  5. Every time I try to think about trying the Whole30, I go tear into another bag of dark chocolate chips. So I hold you stronger women up as better ones than I!

  6. My husband and I did Whole30 in December, and it does get better! Of course the amount of time you spend in the kitchen chopping and cooking does not get better ever. This was what I ate almost every single day http://nomnompaleo.com/post/19886925277/sweet-potato-hash-with-fried-eggs
    the sweet potato hash is awesome (and I didn’t think I liked sweet potatoes). Most of the recipes I found were from that nomnompaleo site, and they are good- but yes time consuming and expensive!!! Good luck!

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