Top Posts of 2014 According to Tea Leaves, Lunar Phases and a Spirit Journey Completed with a Jackal

On the fifth day of Christmas my favorite blogger gave to me, a listing of her top five blog posts!!!!! (Don’t tell me you’d prefer golden rings because that’s not in my budget.)

My family is still in celebration mode; and I’ve got the bloat and horrible skin to prove it. Plus, I think we all have diabetes. As I continue to make space for all the new gifts we’ve acquired (by tossing old forgotten toys, mwahahahaha!) I thought I’d give you a round up of my top posts for 2014.

First, the top five according to views.

#5 The Homeschool Mom Capsule Wardrobe – There just something about a women in her bathrobe that brought all the readers to my yard.

#4  NFP PSA ASAP – Encouraging people to practice NFP, or a similar method of their choosing, NOW rather than when there’s a need, hit a nerve. Clearblue called to thank me for the increase in sales.

#3 The Truth About Your Favorite Blogs – I can be vicious when there’s a Sheenazing Award on the line. AND I didn’t even win. Things are going to get even truthier in 2015.

#2 I’m The Last Woman Who Ever Thought She’d Have Five Kids – I wrote about why being open to life wound up being better that anything my younger, know-it-all self imagined.

#1 Stitch Fix(ings) in Seven Blurry Shots – My top post hands down. Thanks to a share on Stich Fix’s Facebook page, thousands of people saw me dressed up like an idiot and shared it with their friends.

Five (okay six) of my favorites  that represent all the topics I tend to write about around here. (I don’t care how you feel about them!)

Planning to Prevent Burnout Now – February is just around the corner; are you ready? ( Or see How to Prevent Burnout Part Two a.k.a. How to Occupy Toddlers)

Seven Things to do When a Loved One’s Child Receives a Life Changing Medical Diagnosis – Advice on a subject I wish I wasn’t an expect in.

Why I Suck at Homesteading and What I Should’ve Learned From the Amish – Living off the land wasn’t what I expected. Spoiler: we all still hate vegetables.

Livin’ it Up, Anti-Lyceum Style –  I wrote a magazine! Martha Stewart was so jealous she never emailed me back.

Heroic Patience: Ten Virtues of Mary – My ongoing spiritual workout.

Last year when I did a post of this sort, I remember thinking, “Wow, I really like these posts! How will I ever come up with ideas to top all this?” And yet, somehow, over the last year I didn’t run out of ideas/ photos or only generate crappy posts. (Hopefully we’re in agreement about this.) I still enjoy blogging and I look forward to another year of ridiculous pictures, questionable advice and posts littered with grammar errors. Thank you for joining me!

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