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Hi I’m Kelly. Thanks for stopping by This Ain’t the Lyceum, where I hope my posts will make you laugh, and not run out to call Social Services.

My blog started out as an idea to share all my great homeschool advice and ideas. However, I quickly learned that my efforts at schooling suck compared to most homeschool mommy bloggers. So now I write about the reality of life and homeschooling which is sometimes messy, usually funny and occasionally leads me to drink. I keep it clean because I have lots of children who like to read over my shoulder, and I’m assuming you do too. I’m not controversial, unless you want to argue in favor of truck balls, and I don’t do serious or deep reflections because I’m not a deep and serious person. If you’re looking for an inspirational blog that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy and all gung-ho about mothering and homeschooling I don’t know how you wound up here.

Besides blogging, I read, eat, sleep and when that’s done, educate my three oldest children according to Classical Principles. My younger two make every effort to thwart my efforts, and thusly, contribute greatly to my writing and high blood pressure. My husband and I have an unspoken agreement that I only portray him favorably so long as I want him to keep up with the dirty dishes.

Thanks for visiting me through the Ultimate Blog Party. Leave a comment and I’ll be sure to stop by your site too. I look forward to connecting with other moms who are sure to make me feel even more inadequate. I’m also on Twitter and Facebook and you can find all my other feeds at my Flavors page.

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  1. This blog will surely help moms weigh things regarding homeschooling their kids, especially with you writing not only the pros, but the cons as well. Nice work!

    1. Thanks Liza! Just like motherhood isn’t all roses and sunshine, homeschooling has a “gritty” side as well. 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by. I’ve been over to your site and enjoyed your introduction. Looking forward to keeping up with you on the other side of the globe.

    1. Hi Tina, Thanks for stopping by. Better late than never. I guess insane weeks are going around. Really enjoyed looking around your blog as well.

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