Ultimate Hobbit Party Resource; Or So I Hope

On Saturday, we brought a little bit of Middle-Earth to South Jersey for my oldest’s birthday party. Ever since reading about this Hobbit party my kids have wanted to host an all day feast. While I couldn’t agree to that, we did invite people over for five hours, three courses, games and general merriment.

Addie was pretty happy with how it all went down.

eye of sauron, hobbit

Typically, I don’t do themed parties. However, Tony and I don’t give the kids birthday presents. We do family outings, trips, host sleepovers or the like, and this year, Addie wanted a themed party. (And don’t feel sorry for my kids; they’re still bombarded with presents from their grandparents and extended family members.)

Hobbit parties are very popular, so there was no shortage of inspiration on the web. Addie picked the menu, I made the food, everyone pitched in to get the house clean and we created a few, focal decorations. Addie chose to invite her two best friends and their whole families, which meant it was a good time for everyone and I didn’t have to spend five hours keeping the rest of my kids quiet or hidden while she led riddles.

We served lunch, tea and dinner. Addie requested potato soup for lunch, we had her cake at tea time and I made hot turkey sandwiches and pulled pork for dinner. There was an ample supply of apple and pumpkin cider, plus various pickles and other crudités during the meals. We got some inspiration from Middle-Earth food sites, but ultimately went with some old favorites rather than try something new. If you’re interested in expanding your repitore for a Hobbit party, I suggest checking out:

The Middle Earth Foodie

Middle Earth Recipes

I got inspiration for Addie’s cake from Jessica at Shower of Roses.  We also re-created her ‘No Admittance Except on Party Business’ signs. Like Jessica, we used Charlotte’s idea for the Happy Birthday Banner and there was much excitement in the house at the discovery of a site devoted solely to Tolkien fonts. 

hobbit, lord of the rings, ranger

The table decor and our large Eye of Sauron atop Barad-dur came from pictures on Tip Junkie, although Addie originally created the Eye to be like the pinata we first saw at Blossoming Joy. Unfortunately, it wasn’t strong enough to hold candy. Instead, Addie gave each attendee a gift bag containing a Ring Pop. One bag also contained an extra piece of candy which meant the recipient now held the one ring to rule them all.

hobbit, bilbo baggins

We all dressed in costume. As you can (hopefully) guess, Tony was a ranger, Addie and I were elves and the rest were hobbits. If your tween needs an elven cloak, Addie had great luck with a fitted, twin bedsheet. Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo. I was grateful for an opportunity to break out all the trendy celtic jewelry I bough in high school.

I had some games planned, but mostly the kids just ran around outside or jumped on the trampoline. When the older ones needed a breather, we guessed riddles I found at the official Warner Bros. site. We also played Hobbit Trivia and did a couple Hobbit Mad Libs. If you need background music, several of the movie soundtracks are available on YouTube.

While I don’t enjoy all the last-minute prep that inevitably happens when we host a party, I do enjoy socializing with friends, as do my children. (I think it’s the only reason my kids ask to host parties even though they know I’ll be a tyrant all morning on the day of the event.)

Have you been to, or hosted,  a Hobbit party? What resources would you add to my list? (Because with four more Tolkien fans in the house, I can forsee these things becoming a regular event.)


  1. I love it! Ever since you posted the pic on FB I’ve waiting for this post from you. I don’t think our kids are done with Tolkien parties. The first one just sort of opened the door and convinced them that more are needed. 🙂

  2. That looks so fun, Kelly, and the cake is great.
    I appreciate that you called yourself a tyrant the morning of the party. I can relate to that… more than just a little bit.

  3. This party sounds freaking awesome! I love throwing together a themed party, but, um…yes to being a grumpy troll tyrant the morning of. Seriously, I prefer clean up to something like that more than the stress of the last minute prepping before everyone arrives.

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