An Unfortunate Leaked Email

Friends, readers and fellow bloggers, it is with a heavy heart that I must try to explain the content of a private email that was somehow leaked to the Catholic media. I decided before Eye of the Tiber could release their own story, I would try to clarify come “misgivings” those in blogosphere have expressed at my well meaning and perfectly legit email. Below are some screen shots with the necessary clarification

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 6.51.24 AM


I know many of us haven’t set foot inside a real salon (Cost Cutters does NOT count) since the birth of our first child, but hopefully, we’re all in agreement that this is not how the Catholic blogosphere should be viewed by the world right? I mean, I guess if your husband enjoys you looking like David Bowie, you have to obey his headship but, for the rest of us I didn’t feel like my requests were so out there in regards to hair.

And in matters of faith, I wasn’t being literal.



And of course I can’t forcibly pin a mantilla to your head. But I can warn you about the dangers of your gorgeous David Bowie locks sending tons of weak men into hell. So, you know, think it over.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 6.51.40 AM


Perfectly groomed and shaped with no plucking or pencil. Aren’t the benefits obvious?

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 6.51.53 AM


Seriously, when is the last time you saw Stephanie Nielson posting unflattering pictures? And she has swings in. her. dining. room. What’s you excuse for that disaster you call a living space? Dig the Pledge out from under the sink (no, back there next to the old mouse traps!) for just this week and be sure to share some pictures of your home in a tidy state (before you forget how it looks)!

In conclusion, I regret nothing! GO VOTE! 


  1. And this is why I voted for you. And if you’re my BFF, you get to visit me in Germany. Just sayin’.

  2. What about kids? Should bloggers make sure their children are dressed in stylish matching clothes? Or…clothes? Perhaps stock photos would be the way to go 😉

    1. Hey, we may be all rocking the pajamas at 2pm when my grandma stops by (who wants to go outside when it’s below zero?) but I make for darn sure we all have real clothes on when Da gets home from work, so we can maintain his fiction that we are actual people.

  3. Ha! There are a lot of great blogs in the Funniest Blog category, but I think you deserve the win!

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