Back to School with the Mobi-Chair

Did you survive your first day back to school? To my public/ private school friends, did you weep tears of joy or relief at sending your growing babies away on the bus? To my homeschooling sisters, did everyone make it through the day without tears???

I only had four of my five cry, so I consider it one for the win column! For the record, none of their tears were directly related to me. One child couldn’t handle the early morning Latin, one child couldn’t get a grip on cursive and one child needed to freak out over a  computer glitch. And Teddy got punished for doing something in his wheelchair he shouldn’t…again.

I didn’t take any cute pictures of anyone holding a slate with their grade on it or anything. I did take a shot of my kids faces during Latin (while Addie screamed “Don’t take a picture!”) but I’ll refrain from sharing it here. (It is on Instagram but don’t tell them.)

It was a short day, and I kept momentum going by promising a trip to the beach complete with frozen yogurt and a couple of arcade games. Plus, we had to give our new Mobi-Chair a try!

new mobi-chair beach wheelchair
Fulton was excited when the chair arrived, but since he’d never used one before I think he had a hard time picturing himself using it at the beach.

It arrived last Friday, but our Labor Day weekend plans did not, surprisingly, include a trip to the beach.

It came in a huge box, and tons of bubble wrap, which managed to entertain the boys until the chair could be used.

However, the weather was hot and sunny yesterday, plus no traffic and no crowds equalled the perfect back to school celebration.

Mobi-chair beach wheelchair in the water
beach wheelchair

Now a breakdown:

PROS: The Mobi-Chair is made like a tank. The seat is sturdy canvas screwed into a welded metal frame. This should last us plenty of beach trips and for not much more money than one of those plastic PVC beach chairs.

The seat angle is adjustable and it came with a chest strap, so even though it’s sized for an adult, we could adjust it to make Fulton comfortable.

Folds up and the wheels and arms come off and go on easily making it very easy to transport and set up. (The front wheel is a bit tricky, but it fits in my van with the front wheel on so it’s a non-issue.)

AWESOME in the water. I didn’t have to take it in real far and Fulton was bouncing in the wave, getting splashed and squealing with excitement.

Rolls and steers easily on the boardwalk, sidewalk and other surfaces.

CONS: Did not roll over the sand as easily as I’d hoped, however when given the choice between pushing the Mobi-Chair or dragging the stroller, I’d gladly take the Mobi-Chair.

While I didn’t have a hard time managing the chair in the water, if you’re considering purchasing and using it with someone larger than yourself (like, a wife helping her husband) be aware that you need some strength to control the chair in the tide. I didn’t mind pulling it back when the tide sucked it in and vice versa, however Fulton weighs less than 40 pounds. If he weighed 180+ pounds, I might have had a harder time.

In conclusion, the Mobi-Chair beach wheelchair was just as awesome, if not better than Fulton and I hoped. This video sums up the fun in less than a minute (camera work thanks to Addie.)

Thank you again everyone for making this a realty for our family! Rest assured of many more photos and shaky videos laced with rap music to come!

Visit Mobi-Chair. com to order your own chair and use code 5V1195674D449802U to let them know I sent you!


  1. So glad Fulton got his chair, and that you could take a trip to the beach to celebrate your first school day.

    Have you ever been to the blessing of the sea on Assumption at St. Augustine in OC? It is really neat. There were several families using the beach wheel chairs there which made me think of Fulton’s new chair.

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