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I’m sure you’ll be surprised to hear that my last post did NOT result in me being bombarded with review and advertisement requests. I guess I’ll have to accept that I’m doing this blogging thing just for personal enjoyment and therapeutic expression.  Back to work!

I’ll admit up front that this is the {p,h,f,r} “vintage” edition because it includes some old photos. But since I haven’t posted any of them here, I consider them fair game.


{pretty}  This is our cat Whiskas. He’s actually rather handsome, but this isn’t the {handsome, happy, funny, real} meme so pretty will have to suffice. What makes him awesome is that he has a mustache. I friend of mine suggested I name him ‘Kitler’ but that was vetoed. Whiskas would be the perfect cat if he didn’t attract so many ticks. Letting him in the house for a snuggle on the couch is a sure-fire way to wind up with a screaming child and a pair of tweezers in the bathroom later that same day. I’ve always been a dog person, but since having a litter of children, I’ve found I don’t have time for a dog. Whiskas is a good substitute.










{happy}  Was it Linus who said happiness is a warm blanket? I think snuggling with a sleeping child must be a close second. By now you’ve noticed I didn’t take this picture, but let me assure you, once I knew my son was sound asleep I hissed for my husband to grab my camera and secure this photo. Not only did I want to immortalize what I knew was a cute shot (I told my husband where to stand and everything) I wanted to document those awesome PJs I was wearing. As the official family photographer, I don’t make it into many snapshots, so I’m especially happy we captured this one.







{funny}  Look, it’s my daily schedule. Everything is planned to the hour. Funny thing is, the only things we’re able to stick with are meal and snack times. But I’ll tell you what, just having it hanging there where visitors see it makes them all think I really have my act together.

On our evening out to Home Depot (date night!), my husband and I started talking about our schedule lately; the disarray in our house due to the construction and how it’s affecting us and the children. We both agree we need to regain order, through trying to finish the kitchen ourselves in a timely manner (our contractor quit last week) so we can get the downstairs reorganized. And, most importantly, trying not to complain about everything in front of the children so much. Our frustrations and shortened tempers have helped push them into a new phase of whiney disobedience.

Time to crack the whip! On ourselves and the kids. Next week we’ll be off school due to minor surgery for my middle son.  Hopefully, we can all regroup and I can spend the long quiet hours at the hospital (the only upside) in prayer and on creating a daily routine that isn’t laughable.






{real}  See that sheet of material in my son’s hands? What do you think it is? A friend of mine saw this picture and thought it was linoleum-wrong! It’s all the layers of wallpaper on our old living room walls! It really is as thick as vinyl flooring. Large pieces are coming loose and I’ve been taking it off to make way for new drywall or just because it’s falling off and I don’t want the baby to grab a piece and pull. Old houses are so much fun!






What a week. If our electrical inspection goes off without a hitch, I’ll post some pictures from the fun drywall hanging party my husband is hosting this Saturday. (He’s actually calling it a Work Bee ’cause he’s cool like that.) Maybe in my haste to reorganize, I’ll create some great downloadable charts and planners!!!!…..but don’t count on it. Share your thoughts on cute cats, snuggly kids, plans gone awry and old house antics below, and don’t forget to check out all the other links at Like Mother, Like Daughter.



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