Weekly Goals: Progress! And Re-Focusing My Efforts.

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Weekly Goals (3)

I know that caring for four children, including one with special needs, would overwhelm most people, but to me, it was a vacation. This productive week and resurgence of positive energy brought to you by MDA camps. You can read all about Fulton’s awesome week here, and now onto how I spent my time (note: none of it was used drinking my tears.)

Goals in bold, details following.

Post on the blog three times a week. Did it. I’ve been able to keep this pace up now which is encouraging. I’d actually like to increase the frequency of posting to at least four times a week twice a month, but I want to complete my larger project first so I can take the time to write longer, meatier posts.

Spend three hours working on a larger project. Did it. In fact, I spent more than three hours and I’ve already spent some time this week on it. I can’t stand looking at it any longer so I’ll consider the first draft done. Now it’s out to the husband for the first round of feedback. This week I hope to spend at least half an hour a day revising it.

Say the rosary while walking around the yard every morning. Did it, except the morning it rained and on Saturday when we picked up Fulton.

Make a note of one thing to be grateful for each day. Eh. Sort of did this one. Not sure why I don’t enjoy thinking of things to be grateful for but the easier week did make it less distasteful to stop what I was doing when my reminder went off and think of something.

Make at least one phone call regarding getting a nurse/ home health aide. BOOYAH! DID IT! And had to leave a message and of course no one has called back. Not sure when I will get to follow up on this but at least I feel like I did something. Insurance changes are on the horizon for the next couple months so this may all be moot, but we’ll see.

Bibliotecaria made a great comment on last week’s post.

Here’s a suggestion — when you do this check-in on your goals, also think back and list off many of the things you did get done that may NOT have been scheduled. Or perhaps even list some of the everyday things you did. This helps you remember that you DID GET STUFF DONE.
And checking in even when you have to say, “I didn’t get that done,” can be helpful, as it keeps some important tasks on your radar so you don’t forget.

It was a good point. It’s in my nature to focus on all the stuff I wasn’t accomplishing. However, it’s not because I was watching TV or surfing the web endlessly. With Fulton at camp, it was very clear where all my time goes and why I can’t carve out quiet chunks of time for my own personal projects. Last week, I spent more one on one time with Teddy, helped my other children with school, had less rushed and stressed mornings, and stayed on top of cleaning/ tidying up more than usual.

So next week,  I’m going to

Make a note of one thing to be grateful for each day.

Be mindful of all the stuff I do accomplish. 

Follow up on the phone call.

Spend at least 30 minutes a day on my larger project.

Keep track of my time better and make sure I’m fully present for the task at hand. I finally finished Vanderkam’s book and she mentions that often the time we think we’re spending doing one thing, we’re often diluting with other activities. Like, time with children isn’t really dedicated time with our children if we’re just plopping them in front of a movie while we check our social media accounts. Same for writing. I can’t say I put in three hours on a project if I’m jumping over to Facebook every twenty minutes. So this week I want to make sure I’m focused when I’m spending time with the kids, whether it’s during school or just playtime and not allowing myself to be distracted by less important things. Multi-tasking isn’t always as practical or efficient as we tend to think.

UPDATE: And look what Anne is writing about today. Everything I’m saying, but better. 

Vanderkam also writes about the importance of wisely choosing our leisure activities. Watching TV or wasting time online doesn’t actually refresh and relax us as much as we think she argues. She suggests scheduling smarter leisure time so we actually do what we enjoy rather than fall into the habit of just sitting in front of a screen. It’s a good reminder for me personally and although we have this coming weekend booked up, I’m going to make sure I take better advantage of my weekend time through planning rather than find myself at the end of Sunday wondering what happened my weekend.

What goals have you set for yourself this week? Have you made progress and set habits on previously set goals?

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  1. Awesome! An amazingly productive week. And I think it demonstrates that a normal week with all the children is still an amazingly productive week, even if all you did was get the normal stuff DONE. You just have to recognize what you DID, not what you wanted-to-but-did-not-get-done. (Which doesn’t mean that we don’t all waste some time!)
    Keep checking in — it’s time for me to do my quarterly update, I think.

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