Weekly Goals: Staying Motivated

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Weekly Goals (1)

Checking in once again with my weekly goals.

Post on the blog three times a week. I anticipated this not happening and so I tried not to feel too guilty about it. However, although I enjoy keeping track of my goals online and running Quick Takes, I hate for this space to only feature those types of posts. I want to be funny more of the time!!

ocean city beach
Random beach picture. Obviously, I did find time for this very important trip last week.

Spend three hours working on a larger project. I finally put in some time yesterday. I’m very anxious about this project’s deadline and it was hanging over my head all week. I finally feel like I’ve made good progress but I’m not getting nearly enough done as quickly as I’d like.

Say the rosary while walking around the yard every morning. Inconsistent, though I’ve been pretty good at saying the rosary during another part of my day if I miss it in the morning.

Make a note of one thing of grateful for each day. I really failed at this. Many days, I got the reminder to be grateful at a time I was really frustrated and rather than allowing it to help me refocus, the reminder annoyed me and I purposely ignored it.  When I’m in a bad mood, I’m really good at letting myself stay in a bad mood.

Construction at the tide pool.

Make at least one phone call regarding a home health aide/ nursing care. Didn’t do it. Honestly, it was probably the wrong week to put this on the list. I kept find excuses not to pick up the phone.

Obviously, after an initial boost, I’m back sliding on my goals. Even knowing I need to hold myself accountable on my blog isn’t helping me as much as I’d hoped.

However, Fulton is at MDA camp and since I haven’t yet gotten a call that he’s homesick and crying for mama, I’m going to assume he’ll last the week. Rather than feeling like I have enough work on my plate for two or three people, it’s like I have a normal amount of things to do and a reasonable amount of time to do them. Without Fulton and Teddy both vying for my time and attention the house is also noticeably quieter. I’m not racing from half finished task to half finished task while someone is screaming.

But I’m not going to mistakenly think this means I can get all sorts of extra stuff done. I’m hoping it means I can just commit to the same goals as last week and complete them consistently minus the usual exhaustion and frustration.

beach chair
We all were immensely grateful for this beautiful day and the means to enjoy it. #mobichair

For goal #2, I’m determined to complete a first draft this week, even though I have no idea when I’ll do that. It’s really hard for me to write when the kids are awake and so my writing needs to happen early in the morning, late at night or somewhere other than home. But, with things a bit quieter this week, I’m hoping to make progress in the afternoon while everyone has some screen time. I know some people can work in little chunks of time here or there, but once I get going on a major project I turn into a bit of a beast if something or someone disturbs my writing. I need to know I have at least 30 or 60 solid minutes to invest in something. To that end, I don’t know if I should keep my goal of posting three times. Heck, I feel somewhat guilty posting my weekly goals. If I have such limited time to write, how can I use any of it for something other than ‘The Big Project’?? But often I need to write for other reasons, to get something off my chest to share a funny idea and if I can find the time to do that, it often puts me in a better mood for tackling other things. Ultimately, I know I can always shut down my social media accounts and step away from the blog for a couple weeks if I need to, though I’m not willing to take those steps yet.

I keep thinking that maybe if I just tweak my schedule one. more. time. I’ll find all the hours I need to keep on top of everything. Sigh. It’s wishful thinking, but I’m still reading ‘168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think’ just in case.

It’s a good book, though the more I read about productivity, and work life balance the more I realize that I need help around the house. Nobody out there is writing, homeschooling, eating, sleeping, running a household, caring for children all by themselves, etc. And if you are, you need some help too.

I’d really like to complete a time audit like Vanderkam suggests to see how much time certain tasks actually take during the day vs how much I think they take. Most people’s views are skewed to see tasks they dislike as taking much longer then they actually do. Maybe I don’t wait on hold as much as I think????

What are your goals for the week? How do you keep the momentum going to achieve new and old goals week after week?

2 Replies to “Weekly Goals: Staying Motivated”

  1. Here’s a suggestion — when you do this check-in on your goals, also think back and list off many of the things you did get done that may NOT have been scheduled. Or perhaps even list some of the everyday things you did. This helps you remember that you DID GET STUFF DONE.
    And checking in even when you have to say, “I didn’t get that done,” can be helpful, as it keeps some important tasks on your radar so you don’t forget.
    P.S. Writing a blog post can be a short thing. Don’t feel that ALL your posts have to be lengthy.

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