Weekly Goals, the Slump

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Weekly Goals

So how’d I do only the second week in?


Goals in bold with notes following.

Post on the blog three times a week. Did it. Though, in meeting my goal this week I wondered if I sacrificed quality for quantity. It’s the age old bloggers question, do you post just to post or only when you have something to say? Camp planning still required most of my free time so all I could muster was a travel recap. I might not have wrote about the Science Factory trip, and my Lancaster roots, if I didn’t have the goal, so I was less happy with the post and ultimately wished I had had time to write something better. The post I wrote still took about two hours. A meaty post takes me more. Between traveling and planning, I didn’t have time every morning and afternoon to write and work on something substantial. As I’ve mentioned, I love writing and having to sacrifice writing time for something I was less enthusiastic about definitely affected my mood, though I wish it didn’t. (However, after volunteering my time for the girl’s troop over the last two years, I am passing the torch to a new leader so I am relieved that at least my tenure is up.)

Spend three hours this week working on a larger project. Didn’t happen, and I’m feeling very stressed about my looming deadline. Inspiration hit me hard one evening, so I did hammer out some words for about 20 to 30 minutes while the kids were distracted. This week though, Saturday is wide open and so I’m hoping to get a large chunk of work done.

Go to bed by 10:30 p.m. and wake up by 6:30 a.m. everyday. Mostly successful, though being at a campground where the resident priest kept a rooster meant I was usually awake much sooner than I wanted.

Edie and I resting in my tent during our all too brief ‘Quite Time’.

Say the rosary while walking around the yard every morning. Very inconsistent, though I did try to squeeze it in later in the day if I missed it. I’m probably five for seven.

Make a note of one thing I’m grateful for each day. Here’s where I really dropped the ball. It was as if I completely forgot this goal after hitting publish on my last post. This is not unusual for me. Adopting a new habit can be hard if I don’t set a specific time. I get lost in the shuffle of my day and news goals never happen because when do I have time to think of them? So, I set a reminder using the Commit app and at 2 p.m. each day, it asked if I thought of something I was grateful for. I really wanted to jot these things down, but often was not in a position to do so, and if I didn’t write when I saw the reminder, I forgot to later. So, ultimately I did reflect on what I was grateful for more than I did previously, however I only made notes for two days.

I think my irregular week (traveling to see family, camping) made it hard to stick with this new goals, and ultimately, it makes me worry about how I can stick with anything knowing a busy summer is on tap. I don’t know as if we ever have a string of “regular weeks” where we don’t make a special outing, somethings rescheduled or there’s an emergency. It seems to me, habits need consistency, but what parent or family has a consistent life? I feel like my current state in life is “feeling overwhelmed and scrambling” which is becoming a very bad habit in and of itself.

So for next week, same goals, except for #3 which is pretty much a habit, and I’m not going to hold myself too strictly to the three posts. I have something in mind, but I also have something I want to write for another blogger and I’m not sure I’ll have time for both. I’m also not going to stress about writing down what I’m grateful for, and just consider being mindful of it as beneficial in and of itself.

Edie and her walking “stick” which was taller than her.

I’m adding the new goal of ‘Make at least one phone call regarding a home health aide/nursing care.‘ This is also related to my New Year’s resolution of bringing in outside help for the boys. We’ve made little progress due to Tony’s job situation but I’m going to call at least a couple offices to make sure I’m not missing anything. And confession: I hate making phone calls, with a passion, so this is tough for me. Between waiting on hold and lots of screaming kids in the background I never make phone calls. Tony is usually great about making calls on his lunch break but he’s been swamped at work so I’m going to try to tackle it myself.

Blog your goals and leave a link in the comments or just share your goals in the comboxes and we’ll help to keep you accountable! I feel like Obligers should have their own t-shirt; “Obligers Unite!”, since we rely on one another to stay motivated. What would t-shirts for Upholders, Questioners and Rebels look like?

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