Weekly…I Mean Monthly Goals

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Weekly Goals (4)

Back to check in on my weekly goals. This will conclude my series of weekly goals, but I’m going to keep up with a monthly goals post.  (Addie was very relieved at this announcement because she found my goals posts “soooooo boring.” I apologize to all my readers who felt the same way.) In general last week I found that I was not mindful of any of my goals. It might have been because we were without power for a bit and I was preoccupied to say the least. However, for the future, I’m going to write the goals in my planner so they’re in front of my face a bit more, especially since I will be going longer between accountability checks. Goals in bold; thoughts following.

Make a note of one thing to be grateful for each day. I was grateful for a variety of things last week: running water, a gas stove, a large supply of candles, the security of our home, a friend’s generator. Certainly many things that wouldn’t have made the cut had the storm not hit. And for as trying as the situation was at times, it was clearly so much worse for so many other people, it was easy to not complain and remember to be thankful.

Be mindful of all the stuff I do accomplish. I didn’t accomplish many of the goals on my list because no power and our cell phone service was down for a day too. But I did manage to finish reading ‘Death Comes for the Archbishop’ and I spent more quality time with the kids because there was no internet to distract me. I also impressed myself a couple times with my improvising skills. However, I think I’m more mindful of it now, in hindsight, than I was at the time. At the time, I was annoyed and convinced I was missing some important announcement on Facebook.

Follow up on the phone call. Nope. 

Spend at least 30 minutes a day on my larger project. Nope. Last week made me reconsider whether storing all my documents online, rather than on my hard drive was such a smart move. I think if I had a dedicated computer to myself that didn’t suck (sorry ancient laptop running an obscure Linux operating system) I wouldn’t rely on Google Drive quite so much.

Keep track of my time better and make sure I’m fully present for the task at hand. Not having internet was great for my focus, in fact, I’ve been wondering if we should cut the internet all together and make regular family trips to the library for device time. But, since we rely on Amazon for movies, it’s probably not a realistic option.

One of the things Gretchen Rubin mentions in ‘Better Than Before’ (which was the catalyst for this series remember?) is whether someone is an abstainer or moderator. I am definitely an abstainer. If I don’t want to be tempted by something I need to completely eliminate it from my home. Like Coca Cola. If there’s a case in the house, I will drink at least three cans a day. So to prevent myself from turning into corn syrup, I stopped buying Coke. The internet is the same way. If I want to prevent social media, email and blogging from encroaching into my real life, I would need to eliminate the internet from my house entirely. Not having the option would actually be less stressful for me than having to continually make the choice to not jump online. Moderators can set time limits for themselves and abide by them, either with or without outside reinforcement, depending on whether they’re an obliger, questioner, rebel or upholder. They can also do things like, keep a candy bar in the house and slowly eat it square by square over the course of a week. I actually babysat for a friend who was like that and when I discovered her candy bar, I almost ate the whole thing. I’m not sure if that reinforces my claim of being an abstainer or just makes me a bad friend/ crazy.

I’d also set a monthly goal for June to organize my digital photos. I did make some progress. The fact that I’m finally going to upgrade to a smart phone (but sell my iPod Touch to offset the cost) means I have even more incentive to finish the task.Only a few thousand left to sort!

So my July goals:

Numbers 1,2 and 5 from above. Making notes with the Commit and Toggl apps.

Finish sorting photos.

Finish big project.

Get all the “To Donate” items out of my house.

Continue looking for caregivers (Also follow up on call. Hoping that changes in Tony’s job will make things easier in the very near future.)

I’m not sure if this list is ambitious enough or what. I’ll give it a month and see how it goes, knowing full well I have to report back to y’all come the end of July.

What works for you; weekly or monthly goal setting? How do you remain mindful of your goals amid the craziness of daily life?
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4 Replies to “Weekly…I Mean Monthly Goals”

  1. I like your goal posts and find them good encouragement as i am going through the same sort of evaluation of my goals. I downloaded the toggl app, but have yet to actually figure out how to use it, so I am clearly not super motivated.

  2. Oh man, I love that whole paragraph on moderator/abstainer. I am an abstainer but am slowly working my way towards being an abstainer because the pain of being always an abstainer is very taxing. I may look into that book one day so I can read more about what “obliger, questioner, rebel or upholder” means.

    I have a few big goals that are my daily goals until they either get done or I get tired of moving them from one day to the next at which point I will replace it with another goal – IF the boring goal was a negotiable.

    I think you are a brave woman to attempt organizing digital photos. Very brave.

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