Wheel Life: Conversations with Rebecca Frech

When I wanted to start a blog, I Googled every variation of ‘Catholic homeschool blog’, ‘funny Catholic homeschoolers’, etc. to see who was already out there (i.e. size up my competition.) Shoved to Them was one of the first sites I came across and I was an immediate subscriber and fan. I met Rebecca at Edel (fan girl moment!) but during the last few months her and I have struck up a great friendship, thanks in part to Facebook Chat, and the fact that each of us understands a little bit more of what the other is going through than say, the general public.

We are both homeschoolers with large families trying to help one (or some) of our children navigate through life in wheelchairs. Both of us thought we had this parenting and homeschooling thing down pat before getting blindsided with, in Rebecca’s case, an unknown illness that stole her daughter’s ability to walk  and, in mine, one, then two diagnosis’ of a neuromuscular disorder, that left my two youngest completely dependent on others for their care.

We’ve discovered the “joys” of insurance companies, the inaccessibility of many places, the uncertainty and pain that hangs over your head as a parent, and the humbling lesson of accepting charity from others.

I thought it might be interesting to let our readers listen in on a conversation, or two, of ours to get a glimpse inside our worlds, and how we cope with what many people consider an overwhelming cross. (Hint: we’re not saints, and we laugh a lot and drink just a bit.)

So sit back and listen to our first talk, and drop us a comment below, or on YouTube, with your questions for a future chat. I hope you enjoy being a fly on our wall!

To read more of Ella’s back story, visit Shoved to Them.
To learn more about Spinal Muscular Atrophy, visit my SMA page.



  1. I adore my Rebecca (you can ask her about our connection later). I wish we lived closer!!! I totally hear you on the newbies and K-3 curriculum. After 19 years of homeschooling I’m at the point I want to just say “CHILL”, work on learning to read and basic math facts and let them PLAY. They look at me like I am insane. The fact I have two kids in college and one in the sacred (in Texas) A&M they realize I just might know I a little about what I am saying.

  2. Enjoyed your conversation. Wanted to point out that at the end, youtube suggested I watch videos of cute dogs in mobility devices. Hmmm.

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