{WIWS} All Dressed Up To Grandmother’s We Go

What do an ice-cube on top of my wood stove, and my outfit today both have in common?

They’re both sizzlin’! Ow!

The wood stove ain’t the only thing heating up this room!

**UPDATED** Wait, wait. Here’s me looking sultry. I have to include a picture of me looking sultry.

Dress: just below the knee, purple printed wrap dress was a thrift find.

Purple tights: I have no idea.

Shoes….so those are my ratty slippers with the insoles sliding out the front. To Mass I wore my usual knee-high brown boots. I’m going to put in a link here for Minnetonka in case any family/ friends/ stalkers want to take the hint and ship me some new slippers for Christmas.

Thus, today’s foray into fashion caps off a week of holiday hustle and bustle served with a heaping side of family photos. I agonized for days over how to get all seven of us to match for our annual Thanksgiving family photo.  It’s no short task when my daughters keep feeling the need to “express themselves”. Is it too much to ask that one day a year they don’t dress like homeschoolers??? Plus, my parents living room is pink. I am incapable of matching anything in my wardrobe to pink. Compared to all this, getting dressed for Mass today was a piece of pie. (Mmmm, yummy, yummy pumpkin pie with a gluten free crust.)

I see all these great family photos on my arch-nemesis Pinterest; children running through tall grass in designer clothes while two perfectly made up parents embrace and somehow all their shadows spell out their name. We’ve never done the professional family photo shoot because, in my husbands words, “You have a nice camera. You studied photography. Whatever you can take will be fine.”

So between playing stylist and photographer’s assistant (because usually I turn my camera over to someone else to push the button after manhandling everyone into place) family photos can be a tad nerve-wracking. Ultimately I decided we’d do this years photo outside, weather permitting, and I tried to pick everyone else’s clothes around what my daughters wanted to wear. I wound up in a tan sweater turtleneck, green corduroy skirt and brown argyle tights. Accessories included my favorite “Don’t Touch the Buns” apron and a turkey leg.

I know I never wear shoes. Plus that is my toe sticking out. In addition to slippers I need new tights.

Before anyone could even think about messing up their clothes, I whisked them outside for a photo. The leaves, the fall decor, the quaint small town buildings; together with everyone looking at the camera it became a great shot. And of course, Tony remains convinced that hiring a photographer is not necessary.

Now we’re home and its full steam ahead as we wrap up our first trimester of school and start thinking about Advent, Christmas and all the insanity joy that comes with the holidays.

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    1. But where will you get all your great Easter ideas???!!! I can’t give it up. Just knowing that maybe someday I’ll make something successfully keeps me coming back for more. Maybe I need a 12 step program or something.

  1. I love your blog, you are Super Woman for sure! What a lovely family.

  2. Hahaha, my husband says the same thing… all… the… time. Last year I had to set up the tripod (focus in on my already standing-in-place husband and son) and then just had a friend (who knew nothing about photography) just stand behind the camera and press the shutter button while we just kept posing. Haha. It was great. And no one ever knew.

  3. My entry is rather chilly, I’m afraid to say… but I’ll try to stand by something a little warmer than snow next week 😉

  4. We only “do” a photographer once every 10 years or so…and it’s usually a talented friend with their great camera…this was one of those years, every other year it’s me and/or the self-timer and tripod….yeah!! Your photo looks GREAT!!!! a definite keeper!!

  5. I’m sorry …. I just need to know your secret to looking so young and great and young … in the most gorgeous way? Is it the gluten-free? coconut oil as deodorant? the dates wrapped in bacon?

    maybe a tutorial I can pin??

    anyway — thanks for linking …. I love when I see you’ve written a new post in my reader. maybe too much.

    1. Road trip! I will take your family’s picture if you can alter all my non-trendy clothes. If it were like, 2001, I would be so stylish.

  6. “children running through tall grass in designer clothes while two perfectly made up parents embrace and somehow all their shadows spell out their name” Right?! What is with those? And for us it’s a miracle to get a single shot with the kids looking near the general direction of the camera and not crying.

    1. Yeah, I think God granted us this perfect 5 minute window as a present for having to deal with all of Teddy’s recent early morning scream fests. Doesn’t he just look so innocent here?? Big. Faker.

  7. I love the wrap dress and your picture turned out great- everyone is looking and nobody looks angry or in tears. It doesn’t get much better than that! 🙂

  8. I only have 2 children who are very photogenic…and a husband who is as well…then…there’s me. I always, ALWAYS look at pictures that I’m in , completely startled that some fat lady with bad hair and too-bright lipstick has photobombed what I envisioned to be a wonderful family photo. I wish.she would find another family to harass. And maybe tone it down on the lipstick….Eesh.

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