Backless Sweaters? One More Reason I Won’t Ever Be Fashionable

It’s the What I Wore Sunday Monday fun day post! I had so much fun putting off my Quick Takes, I thought I’d let my hot style simmer until today knowing full well that my readers understand I’m lazy no matter what I write. SUNDAY MONDAY FUN DAY!

I’m also really tired so that might have something to do with it. Since Teddy is the fifth two-year old I’ve had “the privilege to raise” I know that he’s just “in a phase” but I’ll be damned it I’m not ready to tear off my ears to get a break from the screaming. And who would know if I put bourbon in his sippy to help him sleep tonight??? I know hubby would look the other way.  When Teddy refuses to be comforted by my mom AND my mother-in-law (whom he generally clings to like static) I know hard times are coming. It’s why despite being in my hometown with a group of my closest high school friends on Saturday all I could think about was whether or not Teddy was sending my mom to an early grave.

Between reminding Tony to check our cell phone every five minutes for messages and consuming copious amounts of bacon dates, I did manage enjoy the company of my oldest friends. We all hung out our senior year, self-proclaimed “the group” (as in “Mom, I’m hanging out with the usual group tonight.”) and since graduating we reunite at least once a year for dinner and laughing. We’ve gained some members through marriage and lost a few who just stopped keeping in touch. But despite the gaps in our reunions, we instantly pick up where we left off. Our members run the gamut from the far left, and atheist to far right and Christian. (Tony and I are the lone Catholics and we prefer to walk the political middle ground accordingly.) Our conversations are always civil, usually hilarious, and have morphed from college woes to marriage plans to the trials of raising a family. Nothing I say or do would surprise these people.

But this is a Sunday fashion post, so let me get back to the point; what I was wearing the day after our awesome reunion. I may look tired as Teddy expressed his displeasure at my absence by waking up at 2:30 a.m. and trying to convince me for the next hour that it was morning and he wanted out of bed.

photo (4)
This is how all my kids look five minutes after Mass starts, “BUT I REALLY GOTTA GO!”

Dress: It’s my Easter dress from Burlington Coat factory

Sweater: Burlington

White Tights: Those are my pasty white legs. DO NOT STARE DIRECTLY AT MY LEGS! You might go blind.

Shoes: Goodwill

Outhouse: Behind the barn on my parent’s property. It’s Lancaster, PA. People still use these things.

photo (3)
You too can achieve this flat, lifeless hair by forgetting to pack conditioner and borrowing your mother’s hair styling supplies. It’s like Russian roulette and I obviously took a bad style bullet straight to the head.

The dress had this neat vintage, tailored look with a big button collar. It’s sleeveless so the black crop sweater was perfect. Although, do you know how hard it was to find a sweater with a back at Burlington?? When did women start requesting their cardigans come sans back? At first I though maybe some of them had been ripped but then I realized no, these sweaters are made to not cover your back, which seems to go against the whole reason of wearing a sweater.

And then, as proof that I keep my word, a selfie of my husband on the drive back to Jersey.

photo (2)

Me (driving): “Are you playing with my iPod?”

Tony: …..

Me: “What are you doing? Are you taking pictures? Don’t take pictures of yourself with my iPod!”

Tony: ….(smiling into my camera)….”Addie, get in the shot. Wow, this makes my face look round.”

Me: “I will post any selfies on my blog! Stop! I’m going to post these!!!”

Tony: ….(click, click, click)

Me: “It is addicting isn’t it?”

Hope you had a great weekend and if not, I’m very sorry. Didn’t the outhouse picture help at all? Oh, okay. Then please head back over to Fine Linen and Purple for more WIWS links that are sure to lift your spirits.


    1. I would never dream of asking you to. I’m sure I’ll need it for future photos anyway.

  1. Why do your white legs look cute with your dress while my white legs just look white? Sigh. Cute outfit; cute post.

  2. I LOVE the dress!!! If I knew I wouldn’t be nursing a child for the next 15yrs I would buy one….

  3. Love the dress! And I just don’t understand backless cardigans… Or all those shirts with pretty crocheted backs – is the point for everyone to see your bra???

    I had to tell a high school student to go put on a tank top because she was wearing a sheer shirt with nothing underneath but a lacy bandeau bra. WHO TOLD HER THAT WAS CLOTHING?

    My guess is Cosmo…

  4. How did I not know you lived in Jersey? I live in MA, so close enough 🙂 We need to plan an East Coast Blog Meetup. I’ll let you handle alllll the details!

  5. When I read all the WIWS posts, I kind of make mental notes on my faves. (Like it’s some big secret that I have to keep locked down in my noggin’??) Anyway…..I LOVE your dress so much!! We used to live next to a Burlington. It’s kind of a wacky store – you never know what you’re going to find, but there certainly are some jewels on the racks, if you’re patient enough to find them. You totally scored, sister!! 🙂

  6. Kelly,

    I think your hair would look great pulled back in a bun or other simple style (not a pony tail!), even something on the side, very simple. With some nice earrings, and one of your cute dresses, and a little makeup, this would look really great and it would not matter that you forgot your hair products! You can try to part it on the side to pull it back if you are worried it is too “flat.” You may not want to take fashion advice from me though, as my husband has recently expressed concern about me purchasing a few pieces from Forever 21, and I’ve developed a serious liking for short bolero style jackets with my dresses and even my casual clothes 😉

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