{WIWS} Bacon You Can Wear

Y’all know I’m a Lila Rose fan, but Flexi love aside, I just scored the coolest hair clips EVER. They combine my love of bacon  in a practical, ready to wear, grease free form. photo (64)

A friend found these for me and passed them along, and I’m so glad she did! Look at how well they keep a head covering in place!

photo (66)
Just try to rip that scarf off my head Teddy, I triple dog dare you!

My friend forgot to mention where she purchased these clips, but the packaging said they were only one dollar! The packaging also called them “bag clips”. I guess “bag” is some new slang term for hair? Check out how awesome my “bag” and outfit looked today for Mass.

photo (65)
Is there a photo course for the husbands of bloggers? Maybe I just need to invest in a new tripod.

Shirt: Old Navy
Skirt: Old Navy
Bag/Hair Clips: A discount retailer near you!

Amazingly enough, my daughters were not trying to borrow these clips for their own hair. In fact, Addie tried to close a package of Lay’s with one. I’ll chalk it up to the fact that, as homeschoolers, they’re not up on the latest fashions, unlike me, their hip mother.

If the thought of pork products in your hair doesn’t float your boat, be sure to sail back to the rest of the lovely ladies at FLAP for more What I Wore Sunday. 


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  1. Ha! In a pinch I’ve totally used a bag clip to pull my hair back, although not in public 😉 And my husband could use that photography course too – I always end up looking like a dwarf in the pictures he takes!

  2. Kelly, you must be a super fun mom. Srsly. :0)

    And the pics are fine. I don’t think my husband would even take any…! 😛

    Also…how did the run go?

  3. Seriously. Blogger husband photo bootcamp is a must. I always look 5 inches shorter, and 35 lbs heavier in those pics he takes…

    And in my head, those bacon clips would blow some Trad minds…

  4. Blogger husband photo bootcamp — ya’ll better talk to Kathryn at Team Whitaker. Her WIWS pics are gorgeous, but I have yet to ever have one worthy of posting. My husband gets the lighting off, or has an ‘accidental’ focus on my cleavage.

    I want to show him Kathryn’s pics and say, “HERE! I’m supposed to look like this!” Only a shorter, brunette version.

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