{WIWS} Can I Do Better Than This?

I know you’ve all been waiting on pins and needles for this week’s submission to What I Wore Sunday. I apologize for the delay. I’m super exicted, and a bit nervous, to read your comments on my “new and improved” WIWS look! Here goes:

photo (5)


First the outfit –

Skirt: Burlington Coat Factory
White shirt: Gap
Cardigan: Old Navy
Shoes: Target

And here’s a serious shot (that accentuates my Easter candy pooch)

photo (6)

Last week after bemoaning my limp hair, a good friend left a comment that detailed some ways I could’ve dressed up or improved my look. Rather than get offended by her unsolicited advice, I thought, “Kellie is a great friend, a smart writer, she’s been instrumental in organizing fundraising for Fulton and she’s always been a sympathetic shoulder during tough times. I trust and respect her judgement.” Once I stopped crying, I decided to view the comments as constructive criticism and work to incorporate them into this week’s outfit**.

I think your hair would look great pulled back in a bun or other simple style (not a pony tail!), even something on the side, very simple.

I went with a single Princess Leia style bun on the side, but since my hair isn’t that long, I’m afraid it resembles a hair tumor more than anything else.

With some nice earrings, and one of your cute dresses, and a little makeup, this would look really great…

I was wearing makeup in last weeks picture, but since it wasn’t obvious, I figured that meant I needed to add more. I tried to achieve the glamorous liquid eyeliner effect Hallie is always raving about. What are your thoughts on the result; sultry cat eye or too Egyptian? Maybe the eye makeup is too hidden behind my large glasses? I also accessorized with some of my grandmother’s costume jewelry because you can’t miss that stuff from a mile away but I’m wondering if it’s too distracting from my outfit or hair and makeup.

photo (7)

Unfortunately, while I felt pretty comfortable with this new look my children were terrified and I was turned away from my church, being told “We don’t do clown Masses here!” I tried not to take it personally. Maybe with a yellow sweater, a skinny belt and some new shoes I could rock this look next week. What do you think? Practice makes perfect, and I’m willing to work at looking good for as long as it takes!

For some more fashionable fashions, modestly fashioned, swing by the rest of the lovely ladies at Fine Linen and Purple.

**Seriously, Kellie a good friend so no hatin’ on her comments. I’m thankful that she also has a great sense of humor, right Kel?


    1. LOL! I think you overdid it a bit on the eyeshadow AND you forgot to complete the look with something from Forever 21. I’m glad you think I’m a smart writer, because apparently I don’t have a career in fashion consulting.

  1. I. Can’t. Read. Can’t. Look. Away. I’m sure what you said in this post was hilarious and spot-on, but … yeah … can’t read it.

  2. I would also go with a much (MUCH) higher heel, preferably with the stilts as well. Maybe some underwear outside the clothing? You can never wear too much. A hat or two would be a welcome addition as well – I’ve had pretty good luck with one birthday hat on each side of my head, kind of like giant horns.

    1. Byron’s exact words were that he wouldn’t love me until I took the makeup off. Teddy is still talking about Mama’s “funny makeup.”

  3. Ah, now I can not only read your WIWS posts without dying inside, but I can also see you in person and not be afraid you will read my dismay at yet ANOTHER fashion misstep. Keep up to good work!
    P.S. – I think some people think you’re joking??? Sheesh, I’d hate to see THEIR WIWS posts!!

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