{WIWS} The Most Clothes Any Woman Was Sporting On Campus

Just a recap of the usual Sunday fashion with a side of head wounds thrown in. My head wounds, which is what makes them unusual. I’m sporting two, which is typically the minimum for one or all of the boys in the house.

But despite clocking the corner of the microwave door and scraping my forehead with a really sharp zipper in a Goodwill changing room, my husband insisted I was turning the heads of college guys during our Sunday afternoon date. I found it hard to believe since I was also sporting way more clothing than any of the college girls we passed in the campus Barnes and Noble or local sports bar. But Tony was adamant that a modest lady attracts more attention nowadays than one more girl in short shorts and a tank top.

Back up ladies, he’s taken!

photo 2 (4)


photo 1 (4)

Shirt: Old Navy
Skirt: Burlington
Belt: Goodwill
I’m wearing my brown boots with a heel to keep from tripping over the skirt. I’m also seriously overdressed for the weather and sweating profusely. Thankfully, Tony’s mad photo skills makes my head wounds, dark armpits and skirt stains nearly invisible. Seriously, I pulled out three outfits Sunday morning and all were stained. Defeated, I just wore this skirt anyway.

We had just left the sports bar and stopped less than a block away for these pics. During our impromptu photo shoot, four police cars came flying down the street, and careened into the bar’s parking lot. It provided a distraction that kept other drivers from staring at the middle-aged couple snapping iPod photos outside a gated campus parking lot.

Maybe next week for our anniversary, we’ll start a bar brawl. That sounds exciting and something within our price range. What is the gift for twelve years? Matching head wounds?

For more fashions of the Sunday variety, say to Christy and the rest of the ladies linking up at Fine Linen and Purple. 

I’m also guest posting over at Carrots for Michaelmas today so be sure to swing by and read about our family’s Liturgical Year Binder.

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