{WIWS} Falling Ever So Short of Trendy-ness

It’s been a little while since I’ve linked up for What I Wore Sunday, and I know my readers are dying to know what this cutting edge homeschool mom has up her sleeve this week.  Well, let me tell you on a scale of one to ten it’s a solid three; as in “Wow Kelly, you look really meh.”  I’d been seeing some other ladies rocking a long sleeve shirt under a warm weather dress and I was all, “That looks totally doable.” And I busted out my Easter dress and a shirt, layered up and got the opinions of the household.

Green Acres fashion
My tribute to Green Acres and American Gothic. Iconic yet eerily disturbing at the same time. What does any of this have to do with my outfit? Absolutely nothing. It’s better to skip my captions.

Dress: Burlington Coat Factory

Shirt: Lands End

Tights: Target

Shoes: Goodwill

Necklace: It’s a French coin with a chain through it. Snazzy Christmas gift from my sister.

Rake: Agway

Addie gave it a thumbs up. Edie gave it a thumbs up. Byron gave me one thumb up and one down. Fulton gave me a thumbs down. Teddy burped and Tony just said I’m beautiful no matter what I have on…but that maybe the shirt didn’t really work with the dress…but I’m still very beautiful and whatever I want to wear looks great on me always. (What can I say, the man learns quickly.)

I consulted with one of my most fashionable friends at Mass who would never, ever give me a thumbs down but only gently suggest that she might have paired a sweater with it instead. Dang it, I know she’s right! When the only two thumbs up are from your daughters, who still dress like this:

photo (15)

And this:

photo (16)


You have to take the favorable reviews (thumbs?) with a grain of salt. (And then wonder, where their offbeat sense of style comes from???)


Tomorrow, it’s back to the old reliable denim jumper. Maybe next week I can pull off a style that doesn’t pair as poorly as a fine red wine and a hot dog.

For ladies who will truly inspire you to look good,  be sure to swing by Fine Linen and Purple. 



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  1. Hahahaha. There aren’t nearly as many opinions in my house, so I just get to tell myself that I look awesome every week 😛

    I actually think it was really creative what you did with your spring dress to make it winter appropriate! I put shirts under my dresses all the time, so I think it’s fine.

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. I ask my 2 year olds for fashion opinions all the time and then wonder why.in the world i take their answers seriously???

  3. And btw can we please get that chalkboars graphic on a tshirt asap? Thank you. That is all.

  4. OMGeeez, I should not read your posts in the a.m. when peeps are still sleeping, I had to hold in the laughter and that’s always really uncomfortable.
    I really love that outfit, maybe your friend just convinced everyone that she is fashionable so people will come to her for advice. Or I am just not. Either way, you get 2 thumbs up from me.

  5. Well I really love the shirt with the dress but what do I know about fashion? I am always trying to mimic that look but my shirts never look right under my dresses. Or maybe that’s what everyone thinks about themselves and they actually do look great to other people? So confused.

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