{WIWS} Glamming It Up For Martinmas

I’m joining up once again with all the Mass fashionistas at Fine Linen and Purple for What I Wore Sunday. I’ve been mentally prepping this post all day because today was the first day I got to wear my new Land’s End dress. Unfortunately, everything went downhill this morning when the first words out of my husband’s mouth, after seeing me in it, weren’t “You’re beautiful.”  I won’t go into details, but we reconciled and everyone else at church gave me oodles of compliments. I’m not going to turn this into a bellyache of a post where I fish for compliments because inside I’m still seething and/or sobbing.  I’m not. Totally. It’s fine. Now look at this awesome dress I got on sale from Land’s End with a gift card! (There may or may not be duck blood stains on the front.)

Instantly you’re hearing LMFAO’s song right???

Dress: Land’s End

Tank top: Old Navy

Shoes: (They were not on the bed; not allowed in this house!) Nude peep toe wedges, Target

Usual watch and ponytail.

Beverage: Fulton’s Harvest

Land’s End has a lot of really cute, really expensive dresses right now. I’m hoping for another giftcard at Christmas because this dress is the most comfortable thing I’ve worn all week. And the pattern hides a multitude of stains. Your water could break in this dress and no one would know, I’m sure of it.

We had dinner guests after Mass to celebrate the feast of Martinmas and I was whipping up duck, Pinterest potatoes and burnt cookies effortlessly, without the dress cutting into me or riding up in certain places or dropping down too low in others. And it was the perfect dress for climbing into a 15 passenger van to fasten a carseat with no threat of a tear ripping up the backside in mid buckle clip.

So you see, I don’t care whether Tony noticed how I looked or not. It doesn’t matter to me. My self-image is intact; rock solid, and unshakeable.

Clearly, I’m a rock star.

Now go check out the other Catholic modest hotties (or should I say ‘luke warmies’? Is it a sin to be smokin’?)  at Fine Linen and Purple. I’m off to get a foot massage from the hubs.

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  1. I think you look great! That’s the perfect dress for jumping on the bed. I’m pretty pumped that Lands End offers dresses worth wearing now. I might need a new one.

  2. Love that dress! What’s a Fulton’s Harvest?

    And my husband typically only tells me I look good if I’m naked. He rarely gives me a compliment when I’m dressed…not sure what that says about me or my clothes but I guess I’ll take it…or maybe I should be concerned!

    1. Fulton’s Harvest is only the greatest fall beverage EVER; pumpkin spice liquor. It’s a cross between Bailey’s and pumpkin pie. Plus it’s named after my 4th so we’re obligated to buy it in bulk.

  3. Kelly I called you a rock star on FB BEFORE i read this post. I think that it is further proof that you are indeed a rock star!

    And that dress is beautiful. In fact I think the print is enhanced by duck blood!

  4. HILARE!!!! Not the dress, of course. That takes practical and raises the bar…the posing on the bed sans shoes…I would have tripped and broke a leg. A certainty. So you go on with yourself, who needs a husband to rock the ego, you just ask the girls!!!

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