{WIWS} Good Looks You Can Take To The Bank

I know some of y’all love swinging by here on a Sunday to see what “crazy” idea I’ve hatched for my ‘What I Wore Sunday’ post. Nerf guns, a violent assault, a makeover, a sleeping bag; I’ve got a fashion sense you just can’t find anywhere….but probably with good reason.

But this week, nothing. Just normal, Grace-like shots, showing me looking young, stylish, hip and in focus. Or at least that was the idea. Since I’m going to be featuring some new sponsors around here next month, I wanted to show that it’s possible for me to make things look good and almost normal. Are you a small business owner looking to promote your custom-made women’s skirts, hand-crafted jewelry or Mediterranean cruises? Well send one my way! You can rest assured knowing only the highest quality of photographs will be used to showcase your products / services / extended vacations.

Granted, my husband could use a bit of work in the photography department but, with only slight tweaking, I’m able to offer my sponsors all the glamour of a Vogue layout. I’m the spokeswoman you’ve been looking for!

Dress: Burlington Coat Factory (Extra, extra, read more about it.)
I did slightly retouch this photo, but just look at the scenic background, the picturesque stump I’m standing on, my Ru Paul work-ability!

Okay look, here’s me being fun and casual as I gross out my husband with my mulberry stained feet. I know he didn’t mean to autofocus on the grass, or catch an angle of me that best shows my “I’ve had five kids so my abs should have their own bra” pooch.

photo (23)
And just in case an exotic tour company is reading, I’m extremely photogenic with a tan and gratuitous sun flare.

So click on that ‘Sponsors’ tab and send me lots of money! I guarantee you will not lose business! (Some restrictions apply. Actual results may vary.) Still unsure? Then click over to Cari’s to donate to a worthier cause and check out the rest of the beauty queens back at Fine Linen and Purple. 

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  1. You are too funny! Did you actually photoshop some medusa curls on that first photo?? I do love your dress and cannot see what bra-needing pooch it is you are referring to! Let me know if your hard sell won you some sponsors….if I had a company I would be sold! 😉

  2. Is that an octopus eating your head in the first pic? It’s terrifying.

  3. You are absolutely gorgeous. God has blessed the world with your beauty.

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