{WIWS} If Being Fashionable Is An Illness,Then I Am Sick With Style

With temperatures topping out in the 60’s and dropping into the 20’s this week, a family cold epidemic was inevitable.

Skirt, shirt and cardigan: All purchased at Old Navy a couple of months ago. There are pockets on the skirt which can hold a multitude of crusty Kleenex.

Shoes: picked those up at Goodwill last night. They’re like new and totally awesome even if they’re rendered only lame granny style in this photo.

Hanky: former burp cloth


And since Teddy already marked his snotty territory on my left shoulder…

But look I can pull it all together for a headshot in front of some hand lettering I wrote on our living room wall. Raw nose is nicely hidden by a jazzy Instagram filter. Mouth breathing has rendered my lips a cool, pasty white.

Thankfully, the digital distance between us will protect you from the virus that’s only starting its two month journey through our home. I’ve got a fever that can only be quenched by visiting the other ladies at Fine Linen and Purple; making stylish Mass fashions contagious for eight amazing weeks.

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  1. ha. I love seeing when you’ve put up a new post can only hope you start to post multiple times a day. many thanks in advance.

    a goodwiller after my own heart — I always go straight for the shoe section right after I go nuts in the swimsuit aisle.

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