{WIWS} I’ll Be Back

Humor, What I Wore / Sunday, March 24th, 2013

It’s Palm Sunday, the start of Holy Week, with Easter just around the corner.

photo (1)

Hasta la vista Lent.

“The Dress”
White trench coat from, Penney’s?
And the same boots I always wear.
Firepower by Nerf.

I’m hoping to make this last week count, but my mother-in-law came over and left two cans of Coke AND a pan of gluten-free cookies here so I’m pretty much doomed. Although, family will be in from out-of-town over Easter so I will have to pour boiling water and bleach over the whole house  this week which should give me plenty to offer up. Yay for last hurrahs!  May your family enjoy the Easter season. Catch me back on the blog April 1. Until then, be sure to visit all the other links at Fine Linen and Purple. 


14 Replies to “{WIWS} I’ll Be Back”

    1. Target? A tourist shop on the boardwalk? That bathroom I stopped in on our last trip to Lancaster?
      I really have NO idea. But I love them; if just because the kids think they’re too big.

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