{WIWS} Why I Hate Groundhogs

Yesterday we celebrated Candlemas, also known as the Presentation at the Temple or the Purification of Mary. The term Candlemas refers to the blessings of the candles that are done on this day, which was chosen because of Simeon’s words in the Gospel, Luke 2:32, “A light to the revelation of the Gentiles, and the glory of thy people Israel.”

So, to celebrate Christ our light, my husband made Crepe Suzette, a meal which includes setting a sauce on fire. (Because when I do feasts it’s all cakes and crafts and when he does feasts it’s all “let’s light something on fire.”)

It was a great start to a warm day. However, the oversized rodent known as Puxitawny Phil took it upon himself to mock our celebration by declaring six more weeks of winter. I think my feelings can best be summed up as such (with the role of Punxsutawney Phil being played by Teddy’s gorilla Pillow Pet.)

I assure you, those sirens had nothing to do with me or animal welfare….nothing….MOVING ON.

I spent the day blissfully ignoring all future weather predictions and just soaking in the sun. Although I didn’t mix a mojito, or manage to find my flip-flops, I did spent time sunning these pasty white legs on the pool deck.

photo (1)


I couldn’t quite get my toes in the water due to the ice.

Dress: Lands End
Scarf: Gift
Furry, white gams: The lack of UV rays to pass through footed pajamas.

Don’t worry, I quickly got those legs covered with some knee highs and imitation Uggs before heading out to watch the Superbowl, which was so horrible I just couldn’t stop watching. And while I didn’t find many of the commercials to be that funny, there seemed to be less scantily clad women and violent TV previews which suited me just fine. The Microsoft commercial featuring former NFL play Steve Gleason got me every. single. time.


Okay, okay. I’m better. Be sure to swing back to the FLAPpers for more fashion that’s as powerful as a Seahawks defense. And don’t forget to enter my 11 Stitches giveaway before it’s too late! Don’t let a couple nice days fool you. There’s still six more weeks of fingerless glove weather on the horizon.

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  1. Is that a sock line on your lovely tanned calf? I always like to accessorize that way, too 😉

    But seriously, that frozen pool makes me want to die for you. We’re not experiencing Florida or California weather here in Virginia, but I’m pretty sure nobody’s pool has frozen solid…

  2. I love the print on your dress. Very pretty!
    Yesterday, we enjoyed the warmer weather by leaving our coats in the car. We saw a lot of people in shorts and flip flops. Seriously, it was not that warm here in Delaware! It made me cold just looking at them.

  3. While you look lovely, my favorite was really the drop-kicking of the groundhog – they’re ugly little creatures, and just downright RUDE!

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