{WIWS} I’m Modest And I Know It

Because I’m as stylish as a Barbie fashion plate, I’m joining up with Fine Linen and Purple for their second installment of ‘What I Wore Sunday.’

I’m rocking a duck face because I’ve heard it’s the thing to do. My daughter is following my instructions by trying to make a duck face. She was thoroughly confused by this whole exercise. Normally, mama just runs around and yells a lot before Mass on Sunday; now she wants to make faces and take pictures? Addie’s a good sport. I really didn’t yell at her, or the man behind the camera, too much.

I’m wearing;

a black turtleneck sweater with 3/4 length sleeves- gift

a Mossimo knee-length skirt with a fine herringbone pattern on it from Target- gift

a pair of black and grey argyle tights- gift

rounded off by tall dark brown boots which were given to be by a friend

which makes this the cheapest outfit I own.  I’m also rocking an awesome Fossil watch I invested in a few years back, paid for with, can you guess, money I received as a gift. Now that I think of it, even the mascara, eyeliner and lipstick were gifts. I’m starting to feel like I deserve a shopping spree…. I failed to take pictures of me accessorizing with the diaper bag, screaming toddler or spit out chunks of corn Chex. Maybe next week.

Addie is wearing a white ensemble necessitated by her participation in a young ladies society at our church, although the white turtleneck underneath was her idea.

We make traditional Catholics look hot! in a totally modest, humble and unassuming way. If fact, don’t look at us! And if you’re a man, for heaven’s sake, avert your eyes!

Now I’m off to wipe off the makeup until next week, unless something exciting crops up.  I did hear some chick name Sandy is headed our way and it’s a really big deal or something. The state’s telling me to make all these preparations for her arrival and I’m like, “I didn’t get so much as a Welcome Wagon visit when I moved to Jersey and you guys are telling me to fill my tub with water and sit at home all day in case she shows up at my doorstep???” Whatever. But seriously, if I’m strangely absent for a few days, just assume I’m pinned under a fallen tree next to the smoldering ruins of my house drifting in and out of consciousness.

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  1. I feel like I should probably wait longer to comment since this JUST appeared in my inbox. But I won’t. Because I likes to live on the edge of stalker like dat!

    So. Now I need herringbone tights, yes I diddly do. Thanks a lot, Kelly.

  2. Kelly you are definitely one of the foxiest ladies at Mater. We went to Trenton Mass yesterday with all the dowdy ladies…I kid. Anyway…hope you are back to your more practical and appropriate denim jumper today 😉

  3. Hope all is well there and you are all safe and dry!!
    -Heather the lurker

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