I’m Not Wearing A Dirndl

It’s another episode of What I Wore Sunday, combined with a lackluster summary of our weekend. I didn’t want to bore you on Friday with seven low lights from our week, so you’ll have to take what you can get here.

Let the potporri begin!

First, the high fashion you’ve come to expect.

photo (70)
Photo with mom? Out right torture.

Dress: Goodwill
Boots: Given by a friend.
Sweater: Burlington

And you can’t see it here due to Edie, but I’m wearing a new to me bracelet that was originally my grandmother’s. I love inheriting some of her old funky pieces and putting them to good use again. And let me say that I’m not happy about that black / brown shoe sweater thing going on. But man, if it wasn’t chilly on Sunday. Thankfully, I had that sweater balled up on the floor of our van and it contained minimal crumb / dirt residue.

Usually, I’m not excited about having to wait until 1:30 to hit the Latin Mass in Lancaster, but after staying out until midnight the night before, I was grateful to have time for that second cup of coffee at lunch.

And what could keep this old-timer out until the wee hours like it’s 1999? Octoberfest! Even pouring rain could not deter us from a date night highlighted by catching up with old friends, dancing the polka and light up Jagermeister necklaces.  How about some dark and grainy phone pictures?! Great I’m glad you asked.

photo (72)

photo (71)
Here’s Tony thinking maybe even one glass of Riesling is too much for his wife to handle. It’s also pre-him drinking most of a pitcher of some German brew and swinging me around the floor so violently I tried to signal the Polka band to stop. Good times.

We also had an early birthday celebration for Addie and I with my family. I was bestowed with several checks to put towards 35K For SMA, which is all I asked for, but I was sort of ecstatic about this:

photo (73)
I have the best friends in the whole world. Notice the label says “Homestyle Goodness” as opposed to, I guess, mass-produced goodness. Mama Walker’s is brand you can trust. 

Cocktail hour…..or evening….anyone? I promise to share with you all a full review and hopefully some good drink recipes in the coming days. More blurry photos? Sure, why not. Bacon liquor makes the eye see clearer and the hand steady. In fact, it might be considered a medical elixir more than anything.  Maybe it would even aid homeschooling…..

Anywho, for more fashion and less pork, head back to the rest of the ladies at Fine Linen and Purple.


  1. Um, you and Tony are the cutest couple ever. Also, you look fab in that outfit. Lastly, I saw that liquor at the store the other day and was thisclose to buying it, please post drink recipes for the rest of us!

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