{wiws} I’m The Wierdo Snapping Pictures In The Changing Room

Today’s fashion is brought to you by the creeper in the changing room at Old Navy snapping selfies, a.k.a. me. Look I was tired of bribing the 10-year-old okay? Besides, Tony and I had a “hot” date planned. Using Christmas giftcards at Old Navy and then hitting a bar for drinks afterwards; can you stand the excitement?! First the clothes, then all the steamy details.

photo (15)
Why hello full length mirror. Have you been featured in a Catholic fashion link up yet? No?! Let me change that.

Skirt: Target
Pink t-shirt: Old Navy
Black button down: Old Navy
Tights: Target I think. They were a gift.
Shoes: Target
Scarf: Tony’s gift to me from Poland.

photo (16)

Here you can kind of see the scarf better, plus my new glasses. I love them, even though I was hoping to get rounder frames similar to the ones Grace and Christy wear that I covet, I mean admire. But alas, every pair I tried on that had even slightly rounder frames gave my head a Charlie Brown / beach ball appearance, so I went with my usual narrow-ish rectangular frames instead. My head is just an unstylish shape I guess. Even the timeline in the background of the photo is making me look puffy.

And now the details of our romantic outing. Where do I begin? The sun was shining brightly as we left the screaming children at my mother in-law’s apartment. After a peaceful drive to Old Navy we each tried on a few clothes and made our purchases. Despite being creeped out by all the men wearing tight, brightly colored pants, Tony left the store with his manhood intact and clothes that complimented his usual lumberjack wardrobe. I also scored a Wonder Woman t-shirt which might just be my new favorite piece of clothing. (But only since the hot pink tie dyed shirt I got when I was 16 resembles Swiss cheese and is thus classified inappropriate to wear in front of the children. Puritans.)

Then we went to a sports bar with hard cider on tap, which is basically a gluten intolerant person’s utopia, and 1990’s and early 2000’s rap and hip hop blasting in the background. It felt like I was back in college and I almost called my college roommates to tell them but Tony restrained me. What? It sounded like a perfectly sensible idea at the time.

Now I’m back at home, listening for the sounds of screaming toddlers over the monitor and checking to make sure Addie is done reading before 11. I’m going to slip into something more comfortable (i.e. my prairie style nightgown) and pass out before Tony comes to bed. Do we make this married thing look hot or what?!? Don’t answer that.

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  1. You crack me up every week. Tony and your date sounds like a success. Ryan and I always overly hype our dates, so there’s so much tension that we should ride in two cars to the venue, if we can even agree on a place to go. We do so much better just sitting on the couch. Oh, and love your scarf.

  2. I love how the scarf from Poland ties it all together. And, Target never has the cute shoes in my size, ever. Your date night sounds perfect to me, but then again, I’ve been married for 31 years.

  3. I love the glasses Kelly! I’m pretty sure you could pull off rounder ones…I mean you can pull of a mean wig so glasses should be no problem! And that sounds like a rockin date!

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