{WIWS} Kelly Green Was Not Liturgically Correct

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the disgruntled gluten intolerant woman who can’t have a green beer or a Killian’s.  Even though Passion Sunday trumps the feast day of St. Patrick, we’re totally going to celebrate the 10% of our combined Irish heritage with alcoholic Shamrock shakes once the kids are in bed.

Addie was appalled because Tony wore his liturgically correct tie (purple) to Mass instead of his green “Time after Pentecost” tie. The rest of us sham-rocked.

photo (36)
I’m running out of creative photo ideas. Last week stilts, this week sitting on a table, next week me hiding in the chicken coop? Who knows, but I’m in need of inspiration.

Shirt:From my Old Navy date a couple of weeks ago. It was on clearance and I’ve been saving it for today. It really is the prettiest green color.
Grey undershirt: I think that’s from Express? It’s so old I don’t think it has a tag anymore.
Grey skirt: Old Navy. Now clean.
Perler bead boards: Michael’s
Oh and look, I accessorized!

photo (37)

My mom brought me back the silver cuff after a trip to India and I made the beaded bracelet. Teddy’s finally old enough to not tug at it the entire Mass.


photo (38)
I also dusted of this silver Celtic cross necklace which was given to me as a gift many years ago.

And now for a reflection………..(crickets)…..

See, the only parts I heard from Mass today were the bells because that’s the only time Teddy stopped making noise, except to yell, “BELLS? MO BELLS!”  Tony was kind enough to recite the Mass readings during family prayer time, but I’ll admit I was rearranging the living room furniture in my head and sort of missed it. Good grief I suck at Lent. Thankfully I still have two weeks to pull myself together. I was so relieved to hit the midpoint last week I think I eased up too much. Now I’m hoping to pull myself together for a strong finish.

If you’ve finished your corned beef and are looking for something with a smooth finish, be sure to visit the rest of the linkeroos back at Fine Linen and Purple.

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  1. I guess I need to figure out how to make jewelry because I love your bracelet. It’s just lovely.

    I also am running out of poses. I mean I only have two and I am on week ten. BORING!! I look to you for inspiration. Next week I am sitting on a table. LOL!

  2. You are too funny. That bracelet is awesome. I found a rusty Miraculous Medal beneath our kitchen radiator and popped it into my pocket. Not quite the same.

    And I have revamped my Lenten approach about four times now. I think God is pleased that we are trying. I hope.

  3. I’m bad at Lent, too, and I felt like you last week–thank goodness this is almost over. I’m much better at partying than solemnity. I was born that way.

    And we had Guiness stew, not corned beef. 🙂 Damn, was it good.

  4. Oh my gosh, I suck at Lent, too. I find God sends me penances to make up for the ones I didn’t bother to do myself (like the sweet little 18mo who is currently scratching my arms and banging me in the chin with her head instead of, oh, I don’t know, sleeping….) Here’s to a strong finish (and the hope of Final Perseverance!)

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