No Actual Photographic Evidence Remains

I’m going to be upfront and honest. I don’t have a picture of what I wore to Mass. It was a long day that started too early and is ending too late. BUT, the good news is, I did capture ‘the essence’ of my outfit.

Beware of the spikes sprouting from my sleeves and my alien sized forehead!

Skirt: Target (Last seen here.)
Red ruffled shirt: Old Navy (Also seen here.)
Tank top: Old Navy
Black Shoes: thrifted

My hair really did look like that leaving for Mass because we needed to attend the early service and I was so utterly and completely overdue for a shower I was forced to arrive with wet tresses. Thankfully, veiling covers a multitude of sins.

From Mass, we came home, ate an early lunch than slogged through three hours of traffic up to Long Island with everybody to see a used handicap van. (When is there not a ton of traffic around NYC???) It was a really nice vehicle, can comfortably hold our whole family and the price is what we can afford. We’re seriously considering it so long as I don’t need to do that drive EVER AGAIN. By the time we got home I was more like:

paint (1)
I mean, it was great for the ten minutes I could point out highlights along Manhattan skyline but seriously, the stop and go, NY drivers, screaming kids who were either dying of thirst or about to pee their pants; it’s no wonder I have a headache. Since we were close by, we did swing by Theodore Roosevelt’s house at Oyster Bay which is a national historic site. Although the house is under renovation, it gave us a chance to stretch our legs, run around and buy more books about our favorite president and Teddy’s namesake. (Yes, my child is named after a president. After four pregnancies, Tony finally wore me down on the name.)

We arrived home just in time for more drinking and peeing and, praise the Lord, bed time. Tomorrow, we’re all driving to the beach, cause what better way to recover from a road trip than …another road trip. Can’t wait!

paint (2)
Keep yo’ eyes to yo’self menfolk; this hot mess is already spoken for. The ill-fitting swim dress and gaggle of needy youngsters should have clued you in to that fact.ย 

Coming sangria!

Between trips to the pool and the grill, be sure to swing back to FLAP and enjoy the rest of the WIWS links.


  1. I love the blue glasses and colorful necklace, but you have GOT to do something about those cankles ๐Ÿ˜›

    1. Until I read the word on Paige Kellerman’s blog, I had NEVER heard of the term “cankles”. Now I hear it everywhere. I’m assuming it’s not a compliment? How can I be sure I don’t actually have them in real life???

  2. Depending on where exactly this new van is, and to save the hassle of traffic and tolls to Long Island, I’m offering to take Tony on the train to go pick it up, and we’ll drive back with the new van.

    Oh, and Oyster Bay? Sure it wasn’t a visit to the SSPV’s headquarters? :p

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