{WIWS} Offering Up This Bad Advent Outfit For A Good Cause

I’m back in black, and purple, for this weeks What I Wore Sunday Link Up hosted by the ladies at Fine Linen and Purple.

Welcome to Advent! WOOT! It’s all about the anticipation baby! We’re ringing in the new liturgical year with modest style and a whole lotta solemn preparation for the birth of our Lord and Savior. I know it’s easy to get carried away, but try to save it for the 25th.

I’m joyfully offering up this squirming toddler diaper change for the conversion of one of my heathen friends.

Skirt: calf length, lined, dark purple skirt with beading detail from Burlington Coat Factory.

Shirt: (well hidden) Light purple, cap sleeved blouse, also from Burlington.

Ratty shaw that I just tossed on as an afterthought because “Oh, it’s supposed to be mild today, I’ll just wear this until it warms up,” was a thrift find. As you can guess from the picture, “mild” in December still means too cold to bare your arms.

Same old boots. *yawn*

After Mass there was a St. Nicholas potluck in the church hall, complete with a visit from Myra’s homeboy and chocolate coins for all. Thankfully, ratty black shaws hide messy fingerprints quite well.

Advent at our house is low-key, focusing on nightly prayers around the wreath, a few special feast days and finally decorating the tree and house for Christmas on Gaudete Sunday. Tony likes to keep the Christmas lights off until Christmas Eve, but I’ll admit to sometimes sabotaging his efforts. We take the tree down when it’s dead (usually within a week of Epiphany because we’re not good at watering it) but most of the decor stays up until Candlemas.

It can be hard to block out a society that observes Christmas on a different timetable, but for us the calm of Advent makes Christmas day, and the entire Christmas season, more enjoyable. Plus, we can continue to celebrate Christmas long after others have tired off it because we haven’t heard Bing Crosby croon ‘White Christmas’ a million times before December 23 or stuffed our faces with sweets and eggnog from the first of the month onwards.

Today I was also inspired by our priest’s homily to offer some extra prayers and sacrifices this Advent for the conversion, or return to the faith, of a specific person. “What a great gift to present to our Lord on His birthday,” he remarked. It was one of those “Wow, why didn’t I ever think of that before,” moments.

While I don’t expect as much of myself during Advent as during Lent, I’ve set some spiritual and personal goals I hope I can stick with. The motivation of offering it all towards the spiritual well-being of a special individual might just be the kick in the butt I need to persevere.

However, I am just a bit concerned because this evening the kids mentioned a strong desire to redo all the Jesse tree ornaments themselves. It can only mean  Satan is already conspiring against my spiritual goals. Heaven help me if glitter is involved.

If you’re sure the sin of envy won’t stain your soul this Advent, be sure to check out all the other linky ladies at Fine Linen and Purple.  I know I’m willing to risk it.

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    1. No, you can’t offer up your outfit because it was awesome. And you were dancing and posing. I’m changing a diaper and barely managing a smile while yelling at my husband to not get my son’s privates in the photo. You get the gold star today my friend.

  1. Love the offering up of the diaper for heathen friends! All humor aside, offering things up do make those things much more palatable. If that makes sense. Love the purple! (I’m one for dressing in liturgical colors, if I can.)

  2. I wore purple yesterday, too. We’re such liturginerds. Love your thoughts on Advent…we wait, too, and it really for us has made things so much richer. I know for whom I want to offer things. Thank you for the idea. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed by all the intentions I COULD be offering things up for that I then do none of them. Which is dumb. So heathen family member of mine is getting them this season and that’s that.
    Also, we used to have that same slipcover on a chair of ours.

  3. So impressed with your purple, I forgot about the liturgical color until I got to mass yesterday and saw our school principal and his entire family accented in purple.

    Thank you for the lovely outfit sharing,and for the laughs. You are so funny! Should you choose to visit my blog, be warned: I am rarely to never funny.

  4. I have to say that your outfit is lovely… I’m a fan of the boots and that skirt! I liked what your priest said about giving Jesus a present by our offering up and sacrifices this Advent. I never thought about it that way either. Thank you for sharing, b/c that will definitely change my perspective.

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