{WIWS} or Why We Don’t Go To 8:30 a.m. Mass Often


Dress- Lizware, thrifted

Navy Blue Cardigan – Old Navy

Brown Sweater Coat – J.C. Penney’s

Brown patterned scarf – Target

Sexy knee highs  – Target

Shoes…..I’m pretty sure I wore shoes to Mass. I can’t vouch for whether they were church shoes, sneakers or slippers.

Face warmer – An exclusive Mantoan design.

Not pictured is the fact I managed to get makeup on. However, Teddy managed to get to church sans coat and hat, so all I’m sure of is that I looked like a negligent parent, albeit a pretty one. I apologized profusely by shoving Chex and warm water tinged with apple juice at him through out the Mass and this is still how he treated me. Take this photo and be inspired ladies; inspired to preplan your outfits when you know you’ll be pressed for time in the morning lest you be caught in something eerily similar to this unsightly ensemble.  Last week I was all spunk and sassy; this week all frump and  quasi-bag lady. Really, I could have transitioned seamlessly into a house coat or muumuu from this. Next week I promise to do better. This week, I just need to crawl my homely self back to bed.

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  1. This…is hysterical. Is this what awaits me when my sweet baby girl gets out of the precious newborn stage?? Must…be…prepared….

    This picture could also be the starting scene to a very interesting Law and Order SVU, fyi. You should look into that.

  2. I agree w/ Jenna- so many great thrifters out there! I think we end up going to a different mass every Sunday, and I consider it a huge feat to go before 1030. I’m glad to know other people out there aren’t regular early mass-goers either. 🙂

  3. I love the cardigan! And I was walking through the rain, with a baby clad in just a sleeper, because, ya know, 5 month olds don’t own raincoats. So, don’t feel bad about the coat and hat!
    Thrifting is awesome!

  4. You are hilarious! And a benefit of being Catholic is the multitude of Mass times. 11:00 is our choice time and yet I still manage to run behind and pull into a pew with just enough time to say prayers before it all begins. And every week I tell myself I’m going to plan my outfit the night before. And every Sunday morning I end up with three discarded outfits on top of my unmade bed. Every. Week.

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