{wiws} The Pencil Skirt is No. 2 In My Heart

It seems last week’s WIWS link up never materialized. I hope I didn’t break something.

But the capsule wardrobe frenzy is off and running around here. Even Kendra’s on board, and she’s started a link up so, I guess I might be over there partying on the bandwagon.

This week, I introduce y’all to my favorite wardrobe staple- the stretchy pencil skirt. (And at the bottom I’ve got a great deal for how to dress them up too!) I’ve got three in my fall capsule (cause that’s all I own) and I’m on the prowl for even more. I had a few others, but they weren’t made from a stretchy material and inevitably ripped during one of my trips in and out of my large van. (Watch your step!)


black and white stripe from target/navy blue stipe from old navy/ grey from an etsy store

I prefer my pencil skirts to come to the knee. Much shorter and I’m afraid of flashing someone when I transfer Fulton to the floor or chasing my kids around the house with a ruler. As you can imagine, these three get a lot of wear, though I try to save the black and white one for Sundays and days that I leave the house. This weekend was warm but I still wore some colorful tights because I’ve already stopped shaving my legs.

pencil skirt with sunflare


pencil skirt with sunset

black old navy shirt/ target skirt/ gifted tights/ target shoes

(And yes, I’m also using these fashion posts as a chance to work on my photo skills and awkward facial expressions. I have problems. For the record, Addie picked the top picture and Tony picked the bottom.)

I really want a new denim pencil skirt because I feel like my current A-line denim skirt is unflattering, but I’ve ripped every non-stretch pencil skirt I’ve owned. (Well, you try loading up a wheelchair without busting a seam!) Jones NY has this one for a reasonable price (? I mean, is it? I’m hyperventilating since I’m used to Old Navy and Goodwill prices) and it claims to be stretchy, but I’ve been burned before by so called stretchy denim and I don’t know if I can commit again so soon.

Accessories are SO IMPORTANT to a capsule wardrobe because, if you follow Caroline’s rules, you can have tons of them, which means you can switch up your look with less actual clothing. But even with that flexibility, I still usually keep it to a simple scarf, watch and maybe a bracelet or necklace. (See single watch in the above pictures.) That’s where Shannon from the Organic Mama’s Shop stepped in to help with her gorgeous rosary bracelet! CHECK IT!

I’ve been dressing up even my stained grey pencil skirt with this beauty and finally not losing my place during family prayer time. Plus, I have the tiniest, boniest wrists EVER, and this bracelet fits great. The charm easily clips on and off to help you track your decades.

rosary bracelet

the rosary bracelet in action / up close and personal

And a pic of the same rosary bracelet from Shannon’s shop because I haven’t aced the jewelry photo yet, and I want to make sure you can fully appreciate how great this looks.

Are you looking for some new accessories to add some panache to your capsule wardrobe? Shop Shannon’s shop and use code LYCEUM for 20 percent off any order placed before November 1st! That treat is no trick!

So what do you think? Pencil skirts yay or nay? What accessories are worth investing in when you scale down your wardrobe? And is any denim skirt worth almost $70?? Share your thoughts then check out all the other ladies emptying their drawers at Kendra’s and FLAP.

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  1. I got a denim stretch pencil skirt from Talbot’s last year and it’s PERFECT +)- it was on super-clearance but I’ve worn it so much it would definitely have been worth more than the $30 I paid for it. Pencil skirts are my favorite, too!

    And I don’t know what’s going on with WIWS – no link last week or this… I vote you volunteer to take over hosting!

    1. I hope either one of you volunteer to write an article titled “Pencil Skirts part 2: How to walk 50 yards in one without tripping.” ……………………

  2. I love the look of your skirts and am so happy to hear that they don’t rip when you’re loading and unloading a wheelchair. (So with you on that, sister.)
    I LOVE your rosary bracelet. I already own two, but think I may need one..or a dozen.. more.
    Okay, here’s where I spend my accessory money – earrings (good quality), funky rings (because I like to bring the fun, and they double as toys to keep my kids quiet in church), a great purse, and shoes.

  3. I love pencil skirts! I think they’re flattering on all body types, too (which is good, cause I’m bringing the curves). I usually get mine from Target or Old Navy as well. I do have a jean one from Old Navy that I’ve had for ages now, but I’m not sure if it would withstand your wheelchair lifting test. I’m also super into maxi skirts because they are toddler proof–my 2.5 year old likes to lift my skirts up during Mass (or the grocery store, or at home, etc. etc.) and with maxi skirts, no one is traumatized or scandalized.

  4. OK…
    #1 – LOVE pencil skirts of ALL kinds. They flatter every body type and age range.
    #2 – I am such a fan of how you styled this pencil skirt with the solid black jacket and then the surprise of the fabulous burgundy tights and shoes which just pulls it together beautifully, especially for fall and winter. Nicely done.
    #3 – You inspire me to take some chances with the wardrobe. Thanks for that.
    Have a great week!!

  5. oooooh, you look so pretty!! I need to not have such a huge post-partum belly before squeezing into any pencil skirts here….lol 🙂 i’m loving this concept and also need to steal whoever took your photo in the field. I made my hubs take some photos of me and, to put it kindly….it was a waste of everyone’s time. Lol 🙂

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