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It’s baaaaaack! And the novelty has not worn off!  Middle aged mom working it for the camera and linking up with the FLAPers on week one oh five! I’d like to blame my trashed house on poltergeist but, I’ll just have to ‘fess up to spending all my time on Halloween costumes last week. So in addition to my sultry knees, you get to enjoy photos of my kids’ trick or treating gear. All the achieving where it matters most.

They gathered so much candy, I estimate our family can subsist on junk food for ten days before I’m required to go to the grocery story to resupply. It only works because I managed to birth children that will eat things like Whoppers and Dots. (shudder)

I’m almost embarrassed to share the fashion shots because it’s probably obvious I spent more time on them than the costume photos. That’s probably something a loving mother doesn’t /shouldn’t do, but I’d like to try to blame that on poltergeist too please.

lands end dress/ gifted boots/ thrifted jacket/ knit scarf from just 11 stitches/ target belt

When I asked for feedback from the fam on this photo (i.e. “Does my face look too weird?”) Tony said, “It’s fine, but you look confused and somewhat distraught about something you see in the distance.” I think we have different understandings of the word “fine”.

I hate having so few occasions to wear my luchador mask, so I attempted wearing it as a head-covering at Mass today.


I started screaming “Uno mas, uno mas!” during the Offertory in an effort to encourage generosity, but that only encouraged the baby seated in front of us to scream louder so back into the purse the mask went. I think I’m just a bit ahead of my time for mantilla fashions.

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you probably recognize the dress, unless my sweet new belt through you for a loop. I really like the look of the belt, but it accentuates my hips like I’m Shakira or something so I’m not sure how I feel about it when it’s actually on my body. Skinny belts tied in complex scout type knots seem to be the rage right now, so maybe I need a thinner belt and more time to practice my bowline or clove hitch?

How do you dress up your favorite dress or skirt? Do you vary belts, scarves or other accessories? Are you able to get more than one season out of your favorite dress?

Share your wisdom than swing back to Fine Linen and Purple for more Sunday fashion. Then, spend every waking moment this week creating your own perfect Sunday outfit to share next week when I’ll be hacking the FLAP servers and guest posting / hosting the What I Wore Sunday Link Up! Luchador masks optional. Will I be dragging out the capsule wardrobe discussion further? Please tell me you hope so. It’ll be a Sunday’s best like no other.


  1. Next Sunday I’ll be 40 weeks pregnant, but if you’re hosting I’ll TOTALLY take a photo in my whale-like glory. Assuming I can find anything that actually still fits…

  2. Seeing kids dressed up as anything Minecraft-related gives me immediate flashbacks of all the nights I spent babysitting where the child in question opened with “Hey Miss LaBelle! Wanna see my Minecraft mods?”

    I made the mistake of saying “Sure!” the first time. That ended up being a critical error in judgement because I was forever remembered as “the cool (SNORT) one who liked Minecraft.” No. Incorrect. Wrong. False. I do not like Minecraft. In fact, sweet kiddo friend of mine, I deeply resent the fact that your Minecraft fascination has deprived me of the opportunity to watch all the kids movies that my fiance hates on your parents’ nice TV.

    …I actually didn’t realize that I had such strong feelings about Minecraft until just this moment.

  3. Cute dress & that jacket is great too! That’s okay, the costumes turned out great & my husband is the same with the photo’s. I just go with it, even if I am looking distraught at something in the distance *which is often*. Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting. 🙂
    Andrea @ mommainflipflops.com #realmomstyle

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