{WIWS} Stage Fright And Style Off Off Off Off Broadway

This was supposed to be a light-hearted and joy filled ‘What I Wore Sunday’ post about my final performance in my parish’s dinner theatre production. I sported some very stylish ensembles that, while not technically worn to Mass, were indeed worn on Sunday in a church. While I will still provide evidence of my great style, on and off the stage, I will also add in long rambling sentences about Friday’s performance being postponed due to bad weather until next Saturday which means another week of rehearsals, butterflies, capped off by an otherwise free Saturday being sucked up by a performance. *SIGH* But it’s fine, IT’S FINE! I’m offering up my talents for the glory of God and for the benefit of the parish and…..oh forget it….

Thankfully, our Saturday and Sunday shows were warmly received and I was pleased with my own performance. I play the role of a young, single school teacher who wins the heart of a big city guy who accidentally winds up in her small town. It was meant to be since I just scream sweet and innocent, right? Right???

Both priests from our parish attended and praised the cast and crew on a job well done. So, I’m going to try to focus on the positive and not turn this into the week of crass rambling posts, half-hearted schooling and ice cream breakfast sundaes. After all, I’m got Shrove Tuesday and then all the somberness of Lent to look forward too.

In that vein, YAY! THE CLOTHES!

photo (24)

First Act
Apron: A gift from Etsy. Don’t remember the seller.
Dress: Vintage
Wig: Ebay
Styrofoam wig head: Beauty supply store.
Shoes: gift rediscovered in the back of my closet just in time for dress rehearsals
Makeup: Avon. Lots and lots and lots of Avon. Except the lipstick, which I hadn’t put on yet. Which is why they look invisible next to my Raggedy Ann cheeks.

photo (23)

Third Act (forgot to get a photo of my costume from the second act)
Dress: Vintage- I seriously love this dress and once I wash the make up from the collar I will totally wear it to a warm weather Mass. That is, if the owner of the garment doesn’t notice it missing. Otherwise, it will be off to the thrift shop to snag some other sweet vintage dress of my own.
Cardigan: Old Navy

I think this post just goes to show that some vintage styles never go out of fashion, kind of like platinum blond bob wigs. So if you’re looking for an accessory to spice up the Sunday outfit you already featured in a WIWS post, think outside the jewelry box, think “artificial hair.” Or, you can swing by Fine Linen and Purple for ideas that will still leave you recognizable to your children.

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  1. That polka dot dress is the cutest dress ever!!! And the wig. I should totally start wearing wigs. I would never have to figure out how to style my hair. Not that I bother anyway…

  2. Just look at the bright side: now you have another week to take a photo of Act 2’s outfit! Fun to see the clothes, hair + makeup, imagining the performance that went with it all.

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