Still Running In Circles

Does anyone care what I wore yesterday at this point? But, I forced my husband to take pictures so, for his sake, I’m getting this post up. I was prevented from doing so yesterday since, you know, church and practically everyone in my house relapsing to Cyclosporiasis!

Here’s me freaking out:

photo (43)
Can’t you hear me screaming? Maybe I should have made a video; not sure if the photo collage accurately captures me spazzing.

And now “the nice shot”. (For the record, I don’t like my face here, but Tony wanted a smile and kept snapping until he caught this monstrosity.)

photo (44)
This is the look of a women gone mad from poop samples.

Skirt: Target
Tank top: Old Navy
Sweater: Burlington
I’m wearing a blue and green beaded bracelet I made myself to hide the streaks of blue dye still on my wrist from yesterday.

I really liked how wearing these pieces together with the sweater buttoned actually made it look like I had a snazzy new grey dress. Which several people complimented me on. I took that to me they wanted to hear all about my sick kids and poop.

In fact, I’m pretty sure that if you Google the word poop, my blog will come up on the first page. Sigh. Not quite the reputation I was going for.

For lovelier ladies with posts not detailing all things fecal, swing back to Fine Linen and Purple. I will be crying softly in a corner with my beer if you need me. And writing lesson plans, cause life doesn’t stop just because you have a third world parasite…AGAIN.


  1. Oh you poor woman!! Good luck with the sampling this time – I’ll be praying for you! And I did Google “poop” for you and you were no where to be found!!

    Your outfit is quite adorable.

  2. It looks like you are running an insanity-fueled obstacle course! Way to go on the multi-tasking…

  3. Nooooooooooooo!!! That’s what I picture you shouting as you run. How terribly awfully terribly awful!! Do you REALLY have to collect 17 more vials? Honestly?

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