{WIWS} The Slightly Festive, Slightly Creepy Edition

Sung to the tune of Hall and Oats, “Private Eyes”:

“Santa Claus is watching you, he sees your every move.

Santa Claus is watching you,


Is stalking you, stalking you, stalking you, STALKING YOU!”

photo (20)
I was just sitting there minding my own business when this plush elf starting getting frisky with me.
photo (21)
And then I stood up to capture my full length shot, and the creeper went right for my ankles. Thankfully, I kicked him into the living room where Teddy tackled him and sat on his head for a while.
photo (22)
Maybe he was just upset at the shrunken head on a stick my mom was displaying in the dining room.


Skirt: Burlington Coat Factory

White Shirt: last relic of my Gap fashion days

Navy Shirt: Old Navy

Tights: (which you can’t see because of my boots and the crazy Santa) are these awesome cranberry tights I got as a gift this Christmas

Boots: Same old, same old.

Santas: My mom’s ginormous collection. Since we didn’t get to visit around Christmas due to Fulton’s illness, she kept her display up for us to see this weekend. ย The kids loved it and I was only slightly traumatized.

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      1. It’s pretty hit or miss. Usually my daughters make out okay, but sometimes I go and it’s all Las Vegas strip club chic, and then other times, it’s stuff normal women wear.

  1. This is the best fashion shoot I have ever seen; it has it all. Style, humor… and an underlying eeriness in the spirit of Stephen King or Twilight Zone or Poltergeist, I can’t decide which. P.S.- Your mom’s Christmas Flair is outstanding.

    1. That is EXACTLY what Teddy did the entire time we were visiting. Well, that and trying to grab a ceramic Santa in each hand and have them fight. My mom wasn’t nearly so amused at that.

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