There Is No Silver Lining

I almost didn’t make it back to blogging. I was this close to having a mental breakdown and going all “yellow wallpaper” on everybody.

On Friday, after four days at the beach, I got the phone call I was waiting for; lab results! But when our pediatrician nonchalantly¬†announced that none of the samples were tested for Cyclosporiasis, and thus, were collected in vain, my knees started to wobble. Some sincere apologies were expressed before he concluded our conversation with, “Keep watching them for¬†symptoms¬†and if any come back, you can just collect more samples and we’ll run¬†the¬†correct test at that time.” Immediately, my jaw and eyeballs were on the floor and my gut ached like I’d been sucker punched.

Collect more samples??? Like filling almost twenty vials wasn’t the most¬†repulsive¬†thing I’ve ever done in my entire life??

And the lift on our van broke and can’t be fixed until Wednesday.

So I apologize for not blogging through the weekend. I had really hoped to share more sunny beach shenanigans but it was all I could do to not kill every living thing around me in my rage.

Friday night I drank some GF beer, had a cigar and took comfort in the words of support my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram friends sent me.

This was the only thing that made me smile ALL DAY.

Saturday, I set aside my frustrations, reminded Edie that she was no longer required to alert me to every bowel movement, and went to a wedding.

You know I love making a fool of myself at a wedding, and I had a fabulous vintage dress I scored for $7 at Goodwill I was excited to premiere. Plus, hours of time alone with my husband and some of our closest friends was just the remedy for the poop vial blues.

photo (21)
Thank you MIL / babysitter extraordinaire for the pictures. Personally, I think the blur erases ten years and five pounds.

I couldn’t zip the dress up in the Goodwill changing room, but I thought, with a little help at home, it will be fine. And with Tony’s help, I did get the zipper up, but I wasn’t able to take a deep breath all night since the dress was like a tourniquet around my rib cage.

photo (20)
This has to be one of the best photos of us ever. Yay for successful iPod selfies!!! Pinterest was no help when it came to this hair do. “Easy updo hairstyles” my butt!¬†

Today,¬†I’m savoring the memories of yesterday’s fun, but feeling worn out from my Flo Rida fueled dance moves, and intimidated by upcoming responsibilities. (Which might inspire another whole post if I feel like spreading around the anxiety.) Thankfully, August is not over-scheduled. I feel like we have plenty of time to get back into a routine without the pressures of school, enjoy the beautiful weather and hopefully not relapse into sickness. At least, not until after the bathroom remodel is finished. ¬†Plus, I’ve got a big announcement coming this week. It’s not a pregnancy or book deal so calm down. But I’m still excited, so stay tuned.

photo (19)
I knew there was no way I was going to look half as good this morning as I did last night so, I went with comfort.
Shirt: Gap
Scarf: Target
Skirt: No idea. It’s at least ten years old.
Shoes: Penney’s?
Bracelet: Burlington Coat Factory

For more skirts and slacks that love you back, check out the rest of the modest hotties at FLAP.


  1. Oh. my. word. I’m so sorry to hear those vials were collected for naught. That’s… ugh. You did look lovely in your dress for the wedding and I’m glad you had a nice night out with your husband. Sometimes time amongst adults, dance moves and all, can really do wonders. Blessings this week!

  2. I think you should demand compensation for the poo-collecting. Ugh. However, you look absolutely beautiful in that vintage dress! Wow.

  3. Oh no! I hope that good health rapidly descends upon your house and takes away the need for vials or worry. You look lovely in the goodwill dress – glad you were able to have some fun and time out at the wedding.

  4. Okay, I am always trying to reference that book! Of course I call it the Yellow Flowered Wallpaper but still! Glad I’m not crazy ūüėČ and it actually exists. Also, I agree that the dress is very lovely and the updo looks great!

  5. Buh. That is so disappointing. But I can only imagine that you will be shooting GF beer out of your nose one day while telling this story around a camp fire. You can punch me through the computer screen now for saying that.

    Just know that I’m thinking about and praying for you and your fam. That’s truly a shitty sitch.

    And, last but not least, I don’t care what you say, I love your Sunday outfit and I am totally copying it for today.

    Oh one last thing: you look insane!!!!! in those wedding pics. Insane!

  6. I believe I made my feelings clear on the subject on FB. I cannot believe the turn of events, or the nonchalance of your doctor. But on the upside, you look INCREDIBLE in your vintage dress. And a night out with the hubby almost always cures what ails me.

  7.!!!!! That is all.

    [Oh, except that all the suckiness is sucky. But you knew that already. ;)]

  8. Wow, that dress was totally worth not breathing all night for, you looked fab! And I think if I found something like that thrifting I would die a happy woman!!

    How can it not be a book??

  9. You looked so lovely–and “clean up” much better than I do! Be thankful for the poo break with your handsome hubby. I pray the kids are getting better and that you don’t have to go through that nightmare again. I loved the “favors” at the wedding. What a wonderful idea!

  10. First, You look freakin’ hot in that dress, Kelly.
    Second, I loved the Yellow Wallpaper reference.
    Third, once again I am so sorry about the craptastic crap with the crap.
    Lastly, I’m excited about the announcement.

  11. First, you look fabulous in that dress.
    Second, I’m so sorry for the craptastic crap with all that crap.
    Third, I loved the Yellow Wallpaper reference.
    Fourth, I love big announcements.

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