{WIWS} This Is Why I Can’t Have Nice Things

When we last left off, I was ankle-deep in Santas and winning converts to the Burlington Coat Factory cause. What lies in store for our heroine today dear readers? A three-peat on the dress that won’t quit? Do Addie and Edie convince me to go where no Mass fashion has gone before? Or does an unexpected dilemma crop up just in time to ruin everything????

Stayed tuned for the exciting conclusion to “the morning we all tried to get to church  in time for confession without adding to our lists of sins.” Dun, dun, dun….

I mentally picked out my outfit the night before and hurriedly threw on each piece this morning. But as I crammed next to my husband in our one bathroom waiting for the flat-iron to heat up so my hair would look slightly less unwashed, I noticed multiple stains on my skirt. I can’t remember my exact words, but let’s just say I quietly muttered “crap” under my breath, and then showed Tony. “I’m pretty sure every item of clothing you and I own is stained,” he observed. I knew my options were:

a. Change into something else that probably also had a stain on it.

b. Pretend I didn’t see it and act surprised if anyone noticed it at church.

c. Wear the skirt and admit to wearing filthy clothing to anyone so kind as to point it out.


photo (26)
Best guess? Maple syrup from feeding Teddy on my lap. Honestly, that’s the least repulsive thing I can imagine it being at this point.
photo (27)
You just take those grubby chocolate chip covered fingers and back away from my Sunday clothes varmint!
photo (25)
This shot shows the detail of the red shirt better…and all the lint clinging to our basement wall. Thankfully, the crickets are hidden.

Skirt: Mid-calf length faux silk material. Old Navy. I love it, but it’s so static clingy in the winter. I heard that if you rub fabric softener sheets on static-y clothes they cling less so I rubbed until I smelled like “laundry that was hung out on the line in the sun”. Disappointingly, I only achieved a ‘hipster jeans’ level of clingyness as opposed to the previously even less desirable Lycra cling.

Tank: Old Navy

Shirt:  Old Navy

Tights: gift

Shoes: Target

Stain Remover: Resolve. After hosing down my dress, I looked at the label and totally thought I’d just saturated myself with carpet cleaner, then realized ‘Spray n Wash’ is now ‘Resolve’ stain remover. All this proves is that my mother-in-law takes better care of our laundry than I do because I don’t remember ever buying or using that.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any meaningful reflection on the gospel to share since Teddy was pretty uncooperative this morning. I can share that no one noticed the stains. And the moms in the cry room did have an interesting conversation on what God’s voice sounds like. I suggested it’d be cool if God sounded like Pitbull. I mean, can you imagine?!? In mentioning it to Tony he said it was probably blasphemous and I clarified I didn’t say I wanted God to be Pitbull or anything. And I don’t approve of many of his lyrics, but I guess my defense was too loud because now the kids are wondering if I believe God sounds like a canine. So despite making confession, I’m pretty sure I’m already in the doghouse and need to make a return trip next Sunday.

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  1. Your outfit is adorable, even in your laundry room! I’m super old-school, but I don’t wear a skirt without a slip, which seems to fix the cling problem (and the see through problem with thin material).

  2. I love the sweater and shirt! Flowery bright colors are my fav. And I think you have the best WIWS posts, always make me smile 🙂

  3. Static guard is a spray you can find at Wal Mart, K Mart or any store like that. It works great for staticy clothing. I live it!

  4. Stains are all the rage, dontcha know!? All the cool moms are wearing them!!! I don’t even have any super little people to help me achieve a higher stain level. It’s all on me. Literally. Yup.

  5. I know I am just repeating what everyone is already saying but I just love the colors in the tank! And the ruffly on the red shirt. Cuteness!

    Also I just love reading your wiws posts (along with all your other posts) because they always make me laugh out loud. Then my husband asks what I am laughing at and I tell him I am reading about what you wore and he thinks I am slightly (or muchly) insane.

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