#31DaysofMary: Our Lady of Altotting

Our Lady of Altotting (sometimes spelled Altoetting)
Miraculous Black Madonna statue placed in the Chapel of Grace, Altotting, Germany in 1330

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The Chapel of Grace in Altotting, marks the spot where St. Rupert baptized the first Christian Duke of Bavaria. An octogonal baptismal chapel was built to commemorate the event.¬†Although the original chapel was destroyed, the current chapel dates to 1000 with a few ‘modern’ editions added in the 15th century. An effort was made in 1674 to construct a large basilica around the chapel, but it failed due to lack of funds. A statue of Mary has always stood in the chapel, however the current Black Madonna, which has been given the title Our Lady of Altotting or Our Lady of Bavaria, was placed in the chapel in 1330 by Emperor Ludwig IV.

The chapel gained notoriety in 1489 after a drowned boy came back to life after his mother pulled him dead from a nearby river, laid him in front of the statue and prayed for Our Lady’s help. Soon after, a boy who had been run over and crushed by a cart and not expected to live long, made a full recovery one day after his accident following his families prayers to Our Lady of Allotting. Word of these miracles traveled far and wide and soon pilgrims from all over came to the chapel. Today, one million visitors come to Altotting. Those that receive miraculous healings and answers leave votives in the gallery that wraps around the chapel. Every inch of the gallery is covered with illustrated stories, as well as discarded crutches and other medical equipment which are no longer needed thanks to the intercession of Mary.

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Altötting Prayer in Time of Trouble

Mary unfurl your mantel, make it a shelter and shield for us,
Let us find refuge within until all the storms are past.
In sickness and in sorrow, O Mary send us your help,
Protect us from great need, obtain for us our daily bread.
Bring us peace once again, O Mother Mary, hear us,
remain with your people, in your land of salvation’s sacred promise.
Mary, Altötting is your place of grace, be its refuge,
in these difficult times, protect your holy place from all harm,
shield us, O Mary, full of grace, in both body and soul, and look mercifully upon us here below.

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