Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real …does not do my week justice

Since our last installment, our family celebrated a joyous Easter Sunday before everything rapidly descended into chaos. Thankfully, we did manage ten minutes of visiting with friends on Monday before both my husband and oldest son sprained their ankles in unrelated incidents. But I’ve been unable to give them much sympathy as the baby came down with a stomach bug and nasty fever shortly thereafter.  Plus, everyone is heavily under the influence of Easter candy. Gotta love grandparents who give each child, even the 18 month old, three pounds of candy…yes, three pounds each. But true to my word, I managed to get the camera out.

So now without further ado….


It was so windy on Easter I couldn’t take many nice pictures outside given the sombreros the girls selected to wear with their new dresses. This was the best shot of the bunch because they’re smiling, looking at the camera and there’s no chicken trying to sneak her way in.


This picture just represents me getting psyched for tonight’s Catholic homeschool moms social. All the box wine, baked goods and birth stories you can handle! WOOT! My husband knows not to wait up.


When I think of Good Friday, I naturally think of AT-ATs. Or at least my son did, so when he brought me an empty cardboard box and said he wanted to make an AT-AT, I whipped this up. Those are not actual Star Wars action figures. My husband has original 1970’s Star Wars figures but he’s stopped letting the kids play with them since they lost Yoda a few months back. Now it’s up to some generic GI Joes to defeat the Empire. And this whole episode just proves, once again, kids don’t need fancy toys to be happy; just a mama willing to concoct crazy stuff from cardboard.


This is real air freshener-incense! My Greek orthodox friend always hooks me up with the best smelling stuff. I try to remember to use it a few times a month despite the exaggerated gasping and wheezing and dramatic fainting on the floor that inevitably results from its use. (“Mama I can’t breath with all the smoke. Won’t this set off the alarm? But I had to smell this stuff on Sunday!”)

And in case you’re wondering, no, I have not tried out the tire swing yet.  Maybe next week. Until then, check out the rest of {p,h,f,r} at Like Mother, Like Daughter.


  1. Kelly, i thoroughly enjoy reading your blog!!! thanks for making our insanity look perfectly NORMAL.

  2. Fun post! I love the Easter pic. Thanks for the smiles, I really appreciate reading about other families’ craziness after dealing with our own 🙂 Makes me so grateful for blogs.

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